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25 Normal Looking Photos That Are Straight From The Land Of Nightmares

Do you enjoy scaring yourself? Say no more!

There are many people who enjoy getting themselves scared. It gives them an odd satisfaction. But why is that? According to research, the feeling of fear stimulates the production of dopamine and adrenaline which results in making the person feel satisfied and happy. And since we care about your happiness, we are here to give you a thrill!


Anyways, we have compiled a list of 25 pictures that are bound to send shivers down your spine! So, are you all prepared to spook yourself out? Let’s get started!

1. Well, this is one of the reasons why glasses are important!

via © mezaprafa/reddit

2. Imagine that spider creeping up on your bed at night.

via © PineappleDildo/reddit

3. Something’s about to happen…

via © Fuckface1337/reddit

4. State Highway 3 in Trinity County after heavy rains washed away the roadbed.

via © RogerDonofrio/reddit

5. A sea monster which goes by the name of Wallago Attu Catfish

via © otp1144/reddit

6. “Found this in my attic”

via © DouchebagMcfucktard/reddit

7. Some people are just insane!

via © bender1231/reddit

8. “Hey mister, do you need some toilet roll?”

via © xsited1/reddit

9. Nope, definitely not going there.

via © ecky–ptang-zooboing/reddit

10. When things appear different on the outside but are totally different on the inside.

via © unknown author/imgur

11. God is definitely angry AF

via © bobthecow81/reddit

12. “This is my first time babysitting and I don’t know where I went wrong, but my niece is currently asleep on her head.”

via © mikaelalong/twitter

13. Imagine getting yourself stuck in this spider-web

via © Sip_the_bleach/reddit
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We are only halfway through and we are pretty certain that these pictures must be sending that tingling sensation down your spine, isn’t it? Hold your breath because there are more pictures coming up ahead so keep on scollin’!

14. This is one of our worst fears whenever it comes to escalators!

via © IntentStudios/reddit

15. Of course, and this one as well!

via © Miauen/reddit

16. Who’s surfin?

via © unknown author/imgur

17. Well, the guy who took this picture thought the girl is staring at him but later he noticed it’s her mouth, not her eye!

via © Kendrick Kang

18. Do you still enjoy travelling through the airplanes?

via © atomicthumbs/reddit

19. Thought counting sheep would help us sleep. Well, not anymore, I guess.

via © kengarex/twitter

20. “I never said I need a refill”

via © crumbbelly/reddit 

21. “An abandoned hornet’s nest my dad found in his shed that he hadn’t been in for a couple years. The head is a part of a wooden statue it fused with.”

via © CountBubs/reddit

22. Landslide in Taiwan

via © itza_me/reddit

23. That’s a toad. A BIG ONE!

via © xineya1/reddit

24. “There’s a huge storm coming”

via © tforpatato/reddit

25. Vampire, is that you?

via © Ge_Sto/reddit

26. A scary Tornado in Venice

via © Panukka/reddit

And we have reached the end of the post, we hope that you enjoyed every bit of it! We would love to know which picture creeped you out the most out of all these? Feel free to let us know down in the comments section.


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