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A Fishing Boat Rescues A Kitten Drowning In The Gulf Of Mexico

Whoever saves one life, saves the entire world.

We should always know that kindness is free of cost. It does not take much to be kind towards someone, you just need a good heart and pure intentions. Your one little act of kindness can change someone’s whole life. The story about this cat sets a great example of kindness although this story starts off with a very heartbreaking scene.


It all started when Still Flyin Charters ship departed for a cruise on the Perdido Pass in Orange Beach. The people on the fishing boat first thought they saw a sea turtle as their boat made its way through the waterways between Perdido Bay and the Gulf of Mexico but later the crew realized it was actually a kitten that was drowning. They were quick to turn around the boat to rescue the poor kitten. Keep on scrolling down to read what happens to the kitten and see his images…

1. This photo was taken the moment after they rescued the kitten from drowning in the water.

Image Credit: Still Flyin Charters

2. He is so tiny and weak. God knows for how long the poor kitten was struggling in the water.


“He was struggling to stay awake,” The owner of the sailing company, Captain Steve Crews reported. The crew did not think twice before stepping forward to help the drowning kitten to save his life. The poor thing was so afraid that it kept meowing continuously. The crew quickly dried the soaked kitten once it was on board safe and sound. They comforted the kitten best way possible as they were returning back to the shore. “Our catch of the day,” said the crew. “We caught him just outside the pass in the gulf.” From now on, Everyone in the crew only wonders how the poor kitten ended up so far out to in the sea and they came up with the only reason that made sense which was that “the poor thing was sucked out by the tide”. As the kitten calmed down after drying up, the crew found out that he was a young male, only several months old although there was no confirmation of his age. Keep on scrolling down to read more about the kitten…

3. They posted this on their official Facebook page.


4. Aww, cute kitty. I feel so bad for him but I am so glad that he was able to survive that horrible situation.


5. He is still recovering but he looks a lot better than before.


A sailor tried to take full responsibility for the kitten as he took him home but the animal refused to live there. So for now, Crews and his family decided to step forward to look after the kitten. He said that the kitten accepts food and water from him and his wife but still remains nervous around them. They have also come up with two options for the name of the kitten. The first choice is “Sharkbite” and the second, more fitting name option is “Lucky”. The latter is the best and most appropriate according to his tragic story. Even though the story started off horribly with such a heartbreaking image but this lucky fur baby got another chance at life, we are so glad that he got a happy ending. Have you ever rescued an animal? tell us its story in the comments down below…


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