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23 Friendships Between Animals Who Were Meant To Spend A Lifetime Together

Friendships play an important role in the healthy emotional development and adjustment across the life span of not only humans but animals as well. They exist in practically every stage of development. But still, it’s not common for people to see their pets getting along well with each other. This could be due to jealousy and competitiveness or even just distrust of each other’s intentions and mannerisms.


Pets aren’t much different from young children in this regard but slowly and gradually with the passage of time their distrust melts away and they’re able to form meaningful and wholesome friendships with the other pets. These friendships can be between the same species of pets or even across other species. Seeing your pets slowly start to trust each other over time and feel comfortable in each other’s presence brings you a sense of comfort and happiness like no other.

The animal kingdom exhibits wonderful examples that illustrate the true essence of friendships. Here, we have compiled for you a collection of images that have managed to capture some of these beautiful bonds in their simplest and purest forms. We hope these pictures help brighten your day and give you a sense of comfort and hopefulness.

1. This golden retriever made an unexpected new friend!

Via JimmyBags2/ Reddit

“A friend of mine has a Golden Retriever that recently made a new friend.”

2. These horses love to exchange little kisses with the doggo.

Via  bunnythumper7/ Reddit

“These horses always come for a kiss whenever we walk past.”

3. It took 10 years for them to finally accept each other’s presence. Totally worth the time in our opinion!

Via MrsLucyLynn/ Reddit

“They first met about 10 years ago. I promise no cat or parrot was harmed in the making of this friendship”

4. This cat named Cheese feels uneasy with this new rabbit.

Via trip_the_darkness/ Reddit

“Cheese (cat) ADORES Piper (light brown), but is still a bit uneasy about the new guy Buckwheat (dark brown).”

5. This dog looks so done with the overdramatic reaction of the cat.

Via StefanieSugden/ Reddit

“It’s not like the cuddle puddle should work.”

6. This black beauty found a new buddy.

Via it_coming_up_roses/ Reddit

“When your friends take too long to come outside and play, it’s time to take matters into your own wings.”

7. These two buddies cuddling up is the most heartwarming sight.

Via JolandaSizemore/ Reddit

“I’ve been so nervous that our older cat would never get along with the new kitten. Walked in on them like this today.”

8. And these two buddies were just chilling on a sidewalk in Paris, all comfortable and happy.

Via gmwdrumb*m/ Reddit

“2 buddies I took a picture of in Paris.”

9. This doggo absolutely adores this new kitty.

Via Nummiehz/ Reddit

10. This gorgeous horse made a new and a very tiny little friend.

Via  Candpolit/ Reddit

“My girlfriend’s horse got a new friend.”

11. A cat with kangaroos! WOW!

Via  aimazing-27/ Reddit

“Now this was an unexpected friendship.”

12. This sight of pups together is probably the best thing to have ever happened!

Via Twitter

Friendship has no expiration date. Emotional relationships are not limited to human beings only. A remarkable ability to pair up has been bestowed onto a number of animals, sometimes even between members of different species. When it comes to animal relationships, love, protection, and joy seem to be the common denominators.

Scroll down to see more beautiful pairing photos of these adorable tiny creatures.

13. Incredible!

Via 13goody13/ Reddit

“Heron and crow helping each other eat.”

14. Best Buddies!!

Via Haunting-Guest-2486/ Reddit

“These 2 babies were cuddling just like this for hours today. They’re best friends.”

15. Maybe they’re discussing their plans to take over the world.

Via  jules039/ Reddit

“Still plotting world domination. Their demands are simple. Longer naps and extra treats for all.”

16. This doggo loves being the little spoon so much. Look at him all curled up so cutely.

Via dignifiedworm/ Reddit

“Spot the little spoon.”

17. This dog got a stool just so he can greet his best friend next door properly. They look so happy to be able to see each other!

Via Beetlejuicex3babe/ Reddit

“Our neighbor sent me this display of pure joy between our dogs. They finally got him a stool so he could greet his big friend properly.”

18. These doggos are adorable enough to melt even the coldest of hearts.

Via beautifulntrealistic/ Reddit

“Big house cow meets little house cow.”

19. Ehh! A true example of everlasting love and friendship.

Via  FApTl/ Imgur

“Socks and Spots.”

20. Look how similar they both are.

Via SarahSmilla/ Reddit

21. Find yourself a friend like this.

Via kelldog24/ Reddit, © kelldog24/ Reddit

22. These fluffy doggos are inspired by harry potter’s three-headed dog.

Via dshark789/ Reddit

“The mythical Cerberus puppy has appeared!”

23. This person’s cats all lined up together so cozily to see what’s outside the window.

Via rainydayparade87/ Reddit

“Caught a rare moment of all my cats sharing a window ledge.”

Do you have multiple pets in your house? Do they get along well with each other? Share with us your experiences of your pets’ interactions with other animals. We would love to listen to all of your stories!


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