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20 Floofsters That Mastered Their Ability To Ask For Attention

We’ve all been there at some point in our life when we do something completely out of character just to get noticed by someone we care about. Similarly, our four-legged babies also constantly beg for attention, whether at a social gathering or among their owners. Yes, such pets exist, and you may not have spotted them yet, but they could be right in our midst, trying their hardest to satisfy their need for attention.

It’s widely known that petting a pet might make you feel better, but when there aren’t any fluffballs nearby, then switching towards the memes of these little babies is one of the greatest ideas. These adorable pups have gone viral on the internet due to their endearing dramas for seeking attention. Try not to smile as you go through some amazing and hilarious posts. So, If you’re missing your pet, just scroll down and have a lovely day.

1. My friend’s cat is the clingiest cat you’ll ever see.

Via scarletc***ide / reddit

“This is what happens when I tell him he can’t sit on my lap.”

2. C’mon, no more excuses.

Via  Professor_Abronsius / reddit

“Please, would you throw the ball for the 6,267th time?”

 3. My dog seems to be staring into my soul.

Via christianvelez / reddit

“My dog when I’m not giving him attention”

4. Hey Hooman, I need your attention. Stop reading!

Via Shonarrrrrgh / reddit

5. Please don’t leave my hand.

Via ashketchum2095 / reddit

“She just likes her paws being held.”

6. Stop working and pet me!!

Via _kittenmittons12 / reddit

7. I don’t have the energy to stand because I’m so hungry. Someone, please feed me.

Via  Hooptie_Hilda / reddit

“He is begging for food.”

8. I don’t want to talk to anyone. Leave me alone.

Via nastasia8989 / reddit

“The cat will sit like this forever if you don’t give him attention.”

9. Meet my furry babies.

Via meowiemom19 / reddit

“This is my life now.”

10. That’s so adorable.

Via amysplat / reddit

“A very attention-seeking kitten means that this is the only way I can get work done.”

Pets appreciate our attention and are inherently loving and gregarious, which is why we keep them as pets! So, every time your pet jumps up at you, barks for no apparent reason, or uninvitedly drops a toy in your lap, it’s easy to reward them with a cuddle, but this reinforces the undesirable behavior, and your baby will do it more often. Only you can decide whether you love this interaction or see it as a problem.

Some pets enjoy taking something and running away with them to grab their owner’s attention. This might be a fun game for a smart furry baby!

11. Where is my food?

Via jordanehman / reddit

“My dog waits patiently with a foot in her bowl to let me know she’s hungry.”

12. Nice Flat TV.

Via frogg101 / reddit

“He’s just trying to get attention and I won’t play his game.”

13. I’ve given you your sock, and now I need your attention.

Via amphachu / reddit

“My cat brings me socks whenever I don’t pay attention to her.”

14. Aww!! The most adorable picture you will see on the internet today.

Via mhay2290 / reddit

“This little guy used to come to our door and beg for peanuts.”

15. I didn’t do anything. It’s just a different way of getting your attention.

ViaPlasticEvidence1 / reddit

“Ripped the curtains down, looked me directly in the eye, and started playing with them.”

16. Someone please get this kitty off my face.

Via FritoLayTaterChips / reddit

“This is a new low. And no, I can’t hear the ocean.”

17. I can’t concentrate on studying because of this adorable pooch in my lap.

Via  fungal42 / reddit

“This is Lily and she hates it when I study.”

18. I think my kitty needs me.

Via  d***ly / reddit

“He just yells at me nonstop.”

19. I’m fascinated with this adorable bundle of joy.

Via AskAbi / reddit

“He’s definitely winning.”

20. Lastly, this image is about to brighten your mood right now.

Via  Boku_no_Bob / reddit

“This is my sleeve mouse.”

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