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20 Fluffy Hooligans Who’ll Do Anything For Food

People love to eat tasty and different food but this love cannot be compared with our fluffy friend’s obsession with food. These fluffy creatures just love to eat sleep and repeat. They are ready to do their best to get even the tiniest bit of something. Our fluffy friends love to eat and we are all here to provide them with everything they wanna eat because we just adore them right?

While writing this article Defused author was feeding his pet with one hand and searching for hilarious pets photos for you with the other hand. So keep on scrolling to see these 20 plus fluffy hooligans who’ll do anything for food. Make sure you watch it till the end, otherwise you are going to miss a lot of fun, and don’t forget to feed your fluffy friend if you have one. We are sure you are going to love it.

1. Some best examples of teamwork, now you know how they become so chubby and cute

via: © James–Trickington / Reddit

2. If you have a pet, be ready to share your food


via: © MelissaBM / Reddit

3. “This is a counter height table. The dog is standing”.


via: © moopsworth / Reddit

4. This neighborhood cat just came from nowhere and started eating this cat’s food someone send help, she’s not happy about it


via: © funtimes101010 / Reddit

5. Dogs can do anything to have their treats, what do you think?


via: © Free-Boater / Reddit

6. Meet this hungry cat, she was trying to get into the food container well, here he is


via: © yourfavoritevegan / Reddit

7. When you take a bite and God you just love it


via: © Radish00 / Reddit

8. Do you know what she’s surprised about? The bank teller just brought her a treat


via: © 0PretendImNotHere / Reddit

9. Haha, this doggo just fell asleep begging for her treat


via: © kunoalex / Reddit

10. “He woke me up at midnight because he ate all of his food.”


via: © boltoneb / Reddit

11. When your cat protests that you don’t give her food even though their bowl of food is full

via: © ShnizelInBag / Reddit

12. I feel sad for this doggo, he spent 10 minutes tearing this bag only to find out that it isn’t his food


via: © unknown / Reddit

13. This adorable fat cat is pretending that she doesn’t have any food left in her bowl even though it’s full

via: © Rougaroua / Reddit

14. What are you eating hooman? Can I have a bite?


via: © DangerBearsHur / Reddit

15. When your fluffy friend hasn’t been fed in hours and now he’s ready to eat you up

via: © sentimentalFarmer / Reddit

16. Caption this


via: © bpipes94 / Imgur

17. When you just love your food and you protect it at all cost

via: © Nelben / Reddit

18. This cutie pie thinks that if he will sit like a hooman he will get human food


via: © yelhsa_em / Reddit

19. “This little guy visits us every couple of days. He eats the cat’s food and then takes a nap in the cat house”, this adorable

via: © milagrofrost / Reddit

20. When you fail to fed your pet on time, your pet be like


via: © sunspotshavefaded / Reddit

21. “It’s painful to watch him try to ignore my food while sneaking side glances.”

via: © 4-me / Reddit

22. Meet Vincent, he just tried watermelon for the first time, and I think he loves it


via: © defaultuser8 / Reddit

23. This is how this cat sits on the bed when he wants something to eat

via: © Krypson / Reddit

Our fluffy friends just love food and they will do anything to have it. Let us know what you think about this post in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like and share it with your friends and family. Stay tuned with Defused for more fun content. Thank You!


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