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These Food Photos Look So Unappealing That It Will Help You Suppress Your Appetite On A Diet

Before we begin, we would like to apologise beforehand if your favourite dish gets ruined because of this article but bear with me, these are literally the funniest food pictures ever taken. The question of the day is that how can food pictures be hilarious? Do not worry my friend! You will get to know that in a while. We have the answers to all your questions. Although one thing that you certainly need to keep in your mind is that there is a very high chance of you losing your appetite after seeing these pictures, so go back and eat whatever you were having, come back and enjoy a fun and hilarious article which will make you laugh hysterically!


Reddit got completely crazy when the food pictures were compiled and posted on the subreddit  r/ShittyFoodP**n/ where these pictures got famous. Some of them are homemade while others may be from a restaurant, and the worst thing is that they look absolutely disgusting. It is no wonder that even I refused to eat for 5 hours after seeing these pictures, but I hope this never happens to you. However, this is all for fun, but then what I am actually concerned about are the people who had to eat this in real life. Oh, the agony!

1. The banana bread said no!

via Antipodean247

2. Whoever made this monster, I just wanna chat!

via SJSharks65

3. Someone just wanted to enforce some healthy food!

via  ThisssBabe

4. This is what depressed kids have for breakfast!

via Skoldaed

5. The worst Christmas cookie ever!

via u16173

6. Why?

via  NYPorkDept

7. Oh God, I can smell the farts and burps from here!

via WestBrink

8. The atrocity!


9. This is what Area51 would look like if raided!

via 9999monkeys

10. I don’t think I even know what this is…

via  Xnuclearwarhead

11. ‘Mask up!’

via  SurpriseThere1

12. “My Sister Tried To Make Matzah But Ended Up Summoning The Necronomicon”

via  trammeloratreasure

Your sister has achieved the next level!

13. The purpose of this plate has been fulfilled!

via zefgural

14. This one isn’t too bad!

via LavaSauceLover

15. Umm, Do vegans really eat this stuff?

via Gertie777

16. “Britain Invaded Half The World For Spices And Decided They Didn’t Like Any Of Them”

via benjamin-is-ben

They are not wrong! Not even one twister of pasta looks appetising…

17. This just made me lose my appetite and gag!

via Lottman420

18. What is this and why does this even exist?

via FMChainsawTeddy

19. This just burned my nose!

via  nick122221

20. I expected it to turn out a lot better…

via  howierid

When I told you, you would lose your appetite, I meant every word of it. These recreations were absolutely disgusting! Not only do they look unappealing, but they also make me gag repeatedly. I wonder how the person who captured these pictures was able to even taste a nibble of it. It is truly hideous. I am sure that some of the people never expected their creations to turn out as they did, they too might have been shocked which is why these pictures became internet famous. The originality of t captured everyone’s heart and made people the fan of ‘disgusting’ and ‘unappealing’ foods. All we can hope for is that they taste better than they look.

My heart goes out to everyone who had to experience these monstrous recipes and had to sit through hell. these pictures are a reminder for all those chefs and people who consider themselves supposedly ‘chefs’ that different is not always the best. I found these pictures hilarious yet really disgusting! What did you think? Let us know all about your thoughts and ideas in the comment section.


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