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16 ‘Dad’ Examples That Make Every Child Question Why Their Dads Do These Weird Things

Ever wondered why a lot of Dads have the same personality traits?

It is an unsolved mystery. Science has been working really hard to understand why Dads behave in a very specific, odd way. All those efforts and sleepless nights are yet to discover an answer. You guys may be thinking of me as a weird person but I really do put “Dads” in the list of unsolved mysteries of the world.


I can bet you on this, you can go anywhere in the world and you will see a Dad behaving just like your own. It’s as if all the Dads were formed at the same time, in a big separate room. And when it comes to parenting, Dads again have a very unique style of doing it. And the mystery comes in here too. The parenting style of all the Dads is more or less the same, and very unique to how mothers do it. And I swear I’ve always seen the baby either smiling or laughing when it is around Dad because they don’t mind going full WWE on their kids as long as it makes them happy.

The reason why I am calling it a mystery is because they never tell us as to why are doing all these weird things that they do. As if they are bounded by a Non-Disclosure Agreement signed by all the Dads of the world.

Today, don’t get excited we don’t have the answer, but we’ve got some hilarious Tweets for you guys where people are questioning this weird but common Dad behavior in hopes to crack the riddle. Spoiler Alert! They didn’t find any answers but ended up providing us with hilarious content to laugh at. So, it’s a win-win for us.

Scroll down below for some hilarity!

1. Because grilling is life. At least that’s what mine says.

via: misss_jaye

Sometimes when the beef doesn’t come out as they wanted it to be, all hell breaks loose for everyone sitting around them. That’s the level of investment.

2. It hurts their ego.


via: MVPJunkie

I swear my Dad would by snoring at the highest possible decibels and I’d wake him up, he would go on and explain what everyone in the house had been doing for the last 3 hours. All wrong, by the way.

3. Hold on, I do that too and I am not a Dad!


via: keifermccaw

I think it’s the arthritis kicking in. Not easy to put all those pounds on those tiny caps at that age. And the reason why I do it is that I have developed that grunt as a habit. A grunt as a habit. Wow!

4. It gives them and their nostrils a lot of pride.


via: x_sxls

I remember one day we were all chilling in the lounge. Dad was watching some news on the TV and I was playing on my iPad, and he suddenly sneezed so loud that the iPad dropped and the screen cracked. That sneeze (or a bomb blast) cost me a fortune that day.

5. Their dominance.


via: spicy_emma

It is a rule in our house to fill all forms in all caps. We don’t know why this rule exists. We just follow it.

6. It’s that one gene, my friend, that is recessive in everyone else but dominant in all the Dads of the world.


via: RyanMalicsi

Do you know that pinkish layer that’s around the nuts? My Dad shakes the peanut to get that layer off because he doesn’t like the taste of it. I once got him one of those layer-less peanuts so he doesn’t have to make that effort, and just enjoy his peanut. 10 minutes later he took a handful from the jar and started shaking them. I can swear there was no dirt on them either.

7. To announce their authority.


via: femkant

What’s the point of the family if you can’t openly fart in front of them. By the way, we all fart a lot. The only difference is that we make sure no one hears them and our Dads make sure everyone hears them.

8. Because a GPS has got nothing on a Dad!


via: SeanRauchut

They would only ask “What’s the destination point?” and take us from god knows what route and get us to the destination 1 minute before the time the GPS lady gave us. One of the bumpiest rides ever just to show us that he can outsmart the GPS.

Regardless, Dads are very cool.

I am just gonna put it out there. Dad is the cooler parent out of the two. They’ve got this weird personality which kinda feels funny to me. I mean, yes they do some really weird things today and we are discussing them right now, but does this not make you laugh too? They are a great source of entertainment for the family. You should see my Dad at a party telling all the cool things he has done in his life. And the story about climbing through the mountains to get to the school; majestic!

9. Working on that one.


via: samdeverell

10. It’s a ritual and one must never go against it.


via: smcldaniel

Dads would normally sit on the couch to watch their favorite movie on Netflix My Dad does the same whenever he has free time. He would start by sitting on the couch, and then slowly laying on it, and before you know it, he’s fast asleep.

11. Because it still ‘looks’ okay to them.

via: shannon_d_lee

“It’s just 2 days over. You’ll be fine.” Will I though?

12. It helps them understand the riddles better.


via: MVPJunkie

Every single time when the news about COVID cases comes up, no matter what my Dad is doing he would stand about 2 feet away from the TV, puts his hands behind his back, and listen to every single word with extreme concertation. And then he would shake his head and return back to his position.

13. Acceptance is a tough thing.

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My 55-year-old Dad has had a stent passed through his hard and this man decided to race me. And he set the distance at 1 kilometer. Thank God, Mommy convinced him not to do it.

14. It’s one of the biggest mysteries yet to be solved.


via: abbiemason02

Last night my Dad asked me to get him a massage/relaxing chair for his birthday which is coming up next month.  Just by the way, that chair costs over $2000 and my total assets are one bed and a laptop, yet he uses “I insist”. What do you mean you insist. Would that help me grow money on my lawn?

15. 80% of that thickness is just jink.

via: _Sarmadmh

My Dad would have invoices, receipts, and bills from literally 5 years ago. And his wallet always looks like as he’s holding so much cash.

16. Not gonna lie, it’s not just Dads who do this.


via: cimafrancabea

Even I do this. I would always turn the music down whenever I am looking for the right house that I need to be at, or when I am looking for a parking spot. For some reason, it helps me concentrate more and it really does work every single time. So no, it is not right to question Dads on this extremely handy life hack.

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. No one can hate their Dads when they do just random and hilarious things. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments down below. Always love your parents for the efforts they have made for us.


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