16 Ferocious Tweets With Punchlines You Were Definitely Not Expecting

People do not like holding back on social media.

Viral tweets. How many times have you seen a viral tweet and though I wish one of my tweets went viral like that. I would often attempt to create some tweets after long thinking in hopes that they will go viral, but it never worked. If you notice, all these viral tweets are actually very spontaneous and many viral tweet owners have said that such tweets would just randomly pop up in their head and they would post it. Now, there are many types of tweets that we see on Twitter every day. Some of them are very predictable you can understand where it is going or the subject matter by reading the first few words. And then there are the ones that I love. Tweets that have no filters are very savage and the spiciness of the tweet is totally unexpected. The ones that catch you off guard are the ones that go the most viral. The element of surprise will always keep a human engaged.


Today we are going to look at some ferocious tweets with punchlines that you probably did not expect. You are definitely going to enjoy this one, I am willing to bet on it.

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1. Imagine people who are capable of such savage responses end up communicating through this feature.


Via u/Ackackack42069

2. Hmm…not much to say here. The spice levels are at about 5 million Scoville in this one.


Via u/devilsrevolver

3. He got what he asked for. Now how does he cope with it, is another story.


Via u/thereofcontract133

4. To be fair though, I might be up for it too, given how Day 1 goes.


Via u/adithya17

5. A lot of them got offended when this movie was released and RDJ was like, well deal with it.


Via u/YouOtterKnow1

6. I was not expecting that at all.


Via u/gh0rpade

7. No holding back in here.

Via u/deleted

8. That level of dumbness was meant to be met with that level of savagery.


Via u/Ducnomo

Wow. You know when I type a Tweet that is going to be very savage or even offensive in some cases, I fail to conjure up the strength to post it. I just feel so bad even before it is on the internet. These people, however, are proper wild. A lifestyle that many enjoy and I have no complaints about it. I love reading just content and I hope you guys too are enjoying it.

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9. I am about to have an episode of anxiety but no, I shall correct my grammar first before going any further.

Via @Sports_Doctor2

10. Oh no, those emails were real. Please approach me, Nigerian man.


Via u/ItsJaaaake

11. Oh, that took a turn.

Via u/mememezzer

12. I am not sure if he actually said that. But thanks for the heads-up, mate.


Via u/Cbcschittscreek

13. I thought money-making was supposed to be hard.

Via u/adithya17

14. I want to know more.


Via u/Jec1027

15. Now that is very unfortunate. I pay my condolences.

Via u/aardvarsk

16. I cannot stop laughing at this one. Imagine the mind-boggling situations they would create.


Via u/—-Lancelot—-

One should always go for spicy every once in a while. I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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