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30 Times The Funny Background Of The Pictures Captured More Attention Than The Main Thing

Here is the art of photobombing.

A picture being funny is understandable, taking funny picture is also understandable but the background being funnier than the front is unusually hilarious. Getting photobombed is funny but photobombing someone is even more hilarious. It is the art that only people with a good sense of humor can do. I had no idea that my favorite fun thing to see on the internet besides memes would be hilarious photobomb pictures. I had absolutely no idea that they would be this hilarious. It must be a nice and funny experience,


We have compiled a collection of photobomb pictures that are so hilarious and surprising, too. You guys will love those surprises. These people got photobombed by other humorous people and animals as well. Keep on scrolling down to see those images…

1. The timing was really perfect.

Image Credit: @katebertelson_

2. That was real photobombing.


Image Credit: paigebartos

3. “Cats cannot let dogs live in peace.”


Image Credit: Hajlen

4. The cool kid.


Image Credit: @rhodahxo

5. “The original Best Man cancelled.”


Image Credit: twofirstnamez

6. Dwayne Wade accidentally photobombing a proposal.


Image Credit: RealisticYogurt6

7. The weatherman’s cute sleeping dog had a small dog couch in the background.


Image Credit: IDonyKnow224

8. “This couple wanted dust in the air for their wedding photos, the best man made it happen…and then some.”


Image Credit: Checkedout22

9. The guy trying to catch the chicken photobombing his brother’s wedding photos end up photobombing himself.


Image Credit: da_purp_rolla

10. “My parents met a friendly stingray on vacation.”


Image Credit: kebulatr

11. The guy on the bicycle photobombing biker’s picture. Amazing.

Image Credit: vatosniffos

12. The horse even made a silly face. This is so hilarious.


Image Credit: Melissa Engle Photography

13. “Making friends with some locals in Morocco a few weeks ago. The guy in the back liked to photobomb every pic and I wasn’t complaining 🐪🐪.”

Image Credit: emmett_sparling

14. “This is my mother(on the left) and her friends at a concert and it appears that they time traveled and photobombed them selves.”


Image Credit: JustinfuckinProulx

15. “This family that photobombed us.”

Image Credit: NanoSama

Oh, my God! These images were so funny! This last picture above is the best, that family wh photobombed these guys really passed the vibe check. I can tell the humorous runs in the family, even that little baby did not hesitate to jump in and photobomb these guys. Keep on scrolling down to see more of these hilarious photobombs…

16. “Expert level photobomb.”


Image Credit: Rawtashk

17. “My daughter is a pro at photobombing.”

Image Credit: Big-Custard2645

18. Aww, literally the cutest photobomb ever.


Image Credit: thepunis

19. “Came across the greatest photobomb ever.”

Image Credit: thatwasamusing

20. “Went to take a picture of my girlfriend at brunch when suddenly…”


Image Credit: FatKeystone

21. You thought it was a man bun at first, right?

Image Credit: buchnasty

22. This is the best photobomb so far.


Image Credit:

23. “While taking wedding photos in the park, we were visited by a friendly family of trash pandas! They checked us out for a few minutes, then went on their way.”

Image Credit: sarah

24. Aww, the dolphin had a perfect timing photobombing this woman’s maternity photoshoot.

Image Credit: mrpickem1

25. Oh, my God! Jason Mamoa photobombed their wedding pictures. This is so amazing.

Image Credit: honor_your_heart

26. “In honor of the Royal Wedding, I present my friend Derek getting photobombed by Prince Harry while working the Invictus Games last year!”


Image Credit: sidewinderucf

27. “Best photobomb at my cousins bachelorette party.”


Image Credit: Lutya

28. What is with dolphins and photobombing. They are great at it though.

Image Credit: twofirstnamez

29. “My mom’s visiting me in Anchorage and we got photo bombed in the best way!”


Image Credit: TexasPooneTappa

30. This is probably the funniest photobomb I have ever seen.

Image Credit: GFBIGFAN

I loved these photobombs so much, especially all of those wedding ones. Those dolphins were so cute. Have you ever gotten photobombed by someone? Was it an animal or a human? Tell us in the comments down below…


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