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20 Times Pet Owners Shared Funny Habits Of Their Pets And We Can’t Stop Laughing

Animals are creative and they would surprise you with their wacky habits.

If you are a pet owner, you already know how unexpected and wacky our pets are. They love trying out new things so that they can surprise their humans with something new every time. They would jump on the couch, steal money from your pockets, start hiding your markers and sit in weird poses just to make you laugh. Is not it an adventure to have a pet in your house? Surely, it is. Today, we have a list of 20 animals who have developed funny habits and we just can not control our laughs because they look hilarious. So, scroll down and enjoy!

1. This dog sits in the car like a human:

© AzulMoonlight / Reddit

2. This is Harrison, he loves sleeping in weird positions:


© valpal211 / Reddit

3. When you are so obsessed with your human that you can’t leave them alone in the bathroom:


© omeezysheezy / Reddit

4. “Every time I drop Magnus back home after our walks, he stands there and makes it impossible for me to leave him.”


© escape_photo / Reddit

Don’t go, human.

5. “My 10-year-old dog likes to sleep on my legs. I made her this out of some of my old jeans for her to sleep on while I’m at work.”


© DMLorance / Reddit

That’s the best idea every pet owner should use.

6. “This is how he tells us the water bowl is empty, every single time.”


© TheSnakeholeLounge / Reddit

Mom you need to refill my water bowl. I’m thirsty.

7. “My dog walks herself to the car every single time because she’s so excited and today she wouldn’t even drop her leash once she got in the car.”


© Maisy124 / Reddit

She is a little too excited today!

8. Meet Ben. He knows how to perform stunts.


© purellmysoul / Reddit

9. Meet Cinnamon, she would sit there like this while you are using bathroom:


© Sam474 / Reddit

10. “My sister’s dog lies down in weird positions, but this one takes the cake!”


© Bbuck93 / Reddit

From sitting in weird poses to sleeping in weird positions, these animals are just hilarious and make us laugh every time. If you own a pet, you do not need to worry about your bad days because your pet has got you covered. Your pet will put a smile on your face with its quirky habits. Scroll down below for more.

11. “Every single time I turn on the light, she meows until I let her inspect it for whatever it is she is checking for.”

© PelicanFrostyNips / Reddit

You go girl!

12. Every time you try to eat, these four will appear out of nowhere:


© drdub51 / Reddit

13. Meet Ruben. He likes to pick things for people.

© yoloswag4science / Reddit

14. “I couldn’t figure out why all my markers kept disappearing until I went into the other room and found the dragon protecting her stash.”


© dolphinlover22 / Reddit

Human, don’t you dare to touch these markers. They are mine now.

15. Meet Pupper, she loves to be held like babies.

© Oregonw**e1992 / Reddit

16. “Here’s my Auntie’s doggo, Jesse. She’s 15 and likes to sit like this.”


© withnailsandeyes / Reddit

17. “Every time I shower, he thinks I’m suffering and tries to rescue me.”

© NYChomie / Reddit

You better let her inside.

18. When you are stealing money from your human’s pockets and get caught:


© inavanbytheriver / Reddit

“My kittens like to dig the change out of my pocket while I’m sleeping.”

19. “Every time the doorbell rings”

© The_Giant_Moustache / Reddit

20. “My kitchen has a pupper holder.”


© 5_Frog_Margin / Reddit

Every house should have a pupper holder to control the pets. Are you a pet owner? How quirky is your pet? Share your pet’s funny habits with us in the comments section down below.


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