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25 Funniest Pictures Of Pets That Show There Is No Difference Between A Pet And A Toddler

Toddlers and pets are basically one and the same.

Having a pet in the house poses equal challenges that come with having a little baby in the house. If you think about it, there are actually so many similarities between toddlers and pet animals. And the similarities tap into the same emotional branches of their humans as well. All those reading you are parents would know the absolute beautiful feeling when your baby finally came into this world. Now compare that to when you adopt a pet animal and finally bring it to your home. Yeah, you see. It almost feels the same way. And then consider when your baby starts toddling around the house, gaining control over its limbs, getting familiar with a house, and then making a mess out of everything. Guess who else does the same? Our very own pet animals.


The brain of a pet and a toddler sort of work in the same direction, they only need happiness and joy and don’t care about the how. And maybe that is why the relationship between an animal and a kid is always so strong. Like that bond is inseparable. The pet treats the baby as its own and so does the baby. If anything, both are at a solid advantage as both can get away with trouble as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the pieces of evidence and enjoy this adorable bond on our way.

1. “Mistakes were made.”

Via JudiHyatt/ Reddit

2. “Bentley likes to hide his toy mice under one specific sofa. Here he is with the 13 I pulled out today.”


Via Torridger/ Reddit

3. “Today was his birthday.”


Via SelectionOld4378/ Reddit

4. “Bath time for Roy”


Via QuietCakeBionics/ Reddit

5. “Have you ever been so tired that you fell asleep with half a goldfish in your mouth?”


Via hypobole/ Reddit

6. “Somebody wanted us to know he is teething…”


Via Bohic78/ Reddit

7. “What do you mean I can only have one?”


Via sausagecat05/ Reddit

8. “No ice-cream cone is safe.”


Via mandiekitty/ Reddit

9. “In the pool on his birthday”


Via TheHoglet/ Reddit

10. “Shopping really tuckered us out.”


Via snapesnapeseverus/ Reddit

11. “My boy, Dave, drools a lot, so my mom got him a drooling handkerchief.”

Via Stellaeono/ Reddit

12. “Kevin took a visit to the Land Behind the Dryer.


Via A_minus_A/ Reddit

Toddlers, pets, whatever you wish to call them it shouldn’t matter now that you have seen how similar the lifestyle of a pet animal is to a little baby. These are so adorable to look and I am sure many parents who have babies can fully relate to all these happenings.

13. “Pupper found a cozy nook.”

Via  _hein_ 3/ Reddit

14. “Looking good in flip-flops!”


Via 0speedof***0/ Reddit

15. “Look at what we did to your bed: new decoration!”

Via TheTuf/ Reddit

16. “Don’t move, little doggo! Their vision is based on movement!”


Via SardineFlavor/ Reddit

17. “Benz is naughty, and he loves to steal stuff from the toaster.”

Via anna_alabama/ Reddit

18. “His brother was there for emotional support.”


Via Gooeyoutcome/ Reddit

19. “My cat likes donuts.”

Via ASadGiratina/ Reddit

20. “My dog got too excited about disc golf and errored.”


Via skikid92/ Reddit

21. “I cannot separate Chorizo and his blankets!”

Via zxvegasxz/ Reddit

22. “Caught in a swing…”


Via wsgy111/ Reddit

23. “Mom, I can’t go to school today. I have a stomachache.”

Via sleepytealeaf_art/ Reddit

24. “Hey, can somebody let me out?”

Via _pompom/Reddit

25. “Bedtime for Piglet and Teddy”

Via QuietCakeBionics/ Reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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