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These Pics Are Living Proof That German Shepherd Dogs Are The Best Boys Ever

German Shepherds are among the finest of dog breeds available. As you can guess by the name, Germans were the ones who made the breed a standard, and they did that around the beginning of the 20th century, near the end of the 19th century. Max von Stephanitz was the man responsible for making the dog breed so famous and standardized. They’re a very versatile breed, good for both protection and jobs, as well as home pets.


Highly intelligent, these creatures are easy to train and easier to command due to their unwavering loyalty. They weren’t actually that common in the west either, until after World War I when they were used as combat animals. That’s when western countries like England knew what they were capable of. It was introduced further into America and then bred for further variations, but remains forever the true German Shepherd.

Check out some good boys here.

#1 Good boy George.

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#2 The good k9.

#3 Cuddle buddies!


#4 Soldier boy.


#5 Selfie pal.


#6 Look at the eyes.


#7 Talk to me and my son again.


#8 Kisses!


#9 Graduate party!


#10 Peeping hole.


#11 Cuddling buds.


Despite the vicious power, these animals are capable of, they’re actually giant softies. Full of love and affection towards their humans, they would go to great lengths to protect them. America, in particular, is a huge fan of German Shepherds. in 2014, they were the second most popular dog breed in the entire country, and actually the most popular across the board in certain cities like Miami and Nashville.

#12 Pouty wood.

#13 Licking the floor.


#14 Kissing face.

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#15 Big and Small.


#16 Look at those eyes.

#17 He’s guarding the baby.


#18 Laugh it off!

#19 I think he’s a little shocked.


#20 George has returned!

Despite the chaos that comes with owning a pup, German Shepherds are probably the easiest to deal with. They’re not just intelligent, they’re very highly intelligent, estimated to be the third most intelligent dog breed ever. They’ll listen to your commands, and follow them dutifully, making them perhaps one of the nicest pets to have around the house. You can train them not to do something you know is bad.

#21 He’s made a mess.

#22 Two bros, chilling in the hot tub.

#23 Those EARS.

#24 I think he’s a little scared.

#25 Karen got a new hair cut.

#26 How could you say no to those eyes?

#27 I think I found a picture of heaven.

#28 Leaf.

#29 Traveling.

#30 Hugs.


What about you? Do you own a German Shepherd? What are they like? Show us in the comments!


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