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21 People Who Wanted Dogs But Ended Up With Giant Fluffy Beasts

Ever wonder if your dog was your size and utterly fluffy? Big fuzzy dog giving bear hugs? Well, that’s all we want. Especially, on a bad day when we really need a hug to make things better and it’s the best when that hug comes from someone we dearly cherish. A best friend, a partner in crime and someone who loves us with all their heart. Who else can it be other than our dog? We love them and they are undoubtedly our most loyal friends.

If you’re looking for a fluffy buddy that’s your size, you can blindly count on a Spanish Mastiff or a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. These breeds are giant and were originally considered as guard dogs especially guarding livestock. These dogs grow twice as big as normal dogs. That means they are almost as tall as humans. Spanish Mastiff can weigh between 52-100 Kg and they have a height of 72 to 88 cm. On the other hand, Pyrenean Mountain Dog weighs between 36 to 54 Kg and have a height of 65 to 82 cm. No one will mind a big fluffy dog sitting in their laps. Here we have collected 21 photos of dogs that grew up into fluffy beasts. Scroll down and take a look.

“What are you looking at? Haven’t you ever seen a dog sitting on it’s hooman before?”

Credits: u/Monty_Goofy_Newfy

“Let’s dance hooman! It’s my favorite song playing.”


Credits: u/NukeOG

“Let’s take a nap hooman, it’s been a long day.”


Credits: u/kobashichop4

Nothing special in this picture, just a dog sitting in it’s favorite human’s lap.


Credits:  u/cassious64

Dogs love to sit in their human’s lap. No matter if it’s a little puppy or a fully grown adult dog. That’s just their expression of love. It’s kind of cute too. But, when the dog is a giant fluffy beast, it gets sort of hard to fit them in your lap. Not only are they huge in size but they are heavy to lift as well. But it doesn’t matter much the big doggy cuddles are worth it. They are all we need to re-energize. No matter how old we get or how old our dogs get, we will always love each other and they will forever be our little puppers.

This guy wants to help in the kitchen.


Credits: Freddy The Worlds Tallest Dog

Excuse me, what’s for dinner tonight?

The way this doggo is sitting seems like he’s made it to the principal’s office for messing up at school.


Credits: u/YeAreaSaysYay

Do you want to look elegant? Get yourself a Great Dane.

When kids fall asleep in the car and you have to lift them to the bed.


Credits: LoganPaul

This is Ginger. She’s my new Tibetan Mastiff puppy. That’s right. PUPPY.

“Kisses for the best hooman ever!”


Credits:  unknown

A good friend will always help you get something from the top shelf.

Big doggo hugs.


Credits: u/Weedvape69

Daddy with his two big babies.


Credits: u/lionzion

 Kids grow so fast…but dogs grow even faster.

That’s a big dog! Almost like a pony.

Credits: sooba118

I’m 6 feet tall and the dog next to me is Shamir.

“Hooman, lift me please! Pretty please!”


Credits: bunsenbernerbmd

I may have gotten bigger but my desire to be held has remained constant.

Who needs a sunblock when you have a giant dog?

Credits: u/sharkyboyo564

That big blep though.


Credits: alaskan_wolfdog

The most charming dire wolf in the world

Big bear cuddles.

Credits: u/kophiphi

Who doesn’t want one of these goofballs in life?


Credits: u/nick_1976

I’ll sit here for a while. I’m not too heavy, am I?

Little kitty has a big beastly friend.

Credits: u/storyofohno

Nothing can scare you when you have such a giant friend.

That’s definitely a lion in a disguise.


Credits: Extavolga

 It’s hard to believe that both of these dogs descended from wolves.

When the cat always wins…

Credits: u/TheImpLife

When you’re a good boy but your owner is always stroking the cat

The dog has a rough day…


Credits: u/jagershotzz

He looks more like a human in a dog’s costume

Isn’t that a little too big for a dog?

Credits: u/nsfwdreamer

Seeing all these dogs makes us wanna get one right away. What do you guys think? If you got a doggo this big let us know in the comments below how it’s like living with a gigantic beast. Don’t forget to share this with family and friends to show them just how amazing these big boys are!


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