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Adorable Girl Communicates With Her Great Dane Through Their Own Language And It Is Heartwarming

Friendship needs no language.

And the two best friends, a girl named Jennie and a dog by the name of Echo. You see,m their story started when the great dane was born. He was blind as well as deaf which led his owner to euthanize him. However, thankfully there was a woman in New York who didn’t want that to happen. So she adopted the adorable doggo and watched him grow up to be a beautiful doggo. Marion named the puppy echo and the rest is history.

You see, when Marion got the doggo, she didn’t have Jennie but when she became pregnant, it was as if Echo could sense another hooman was coming and that the baby was going to be her best friend. Turns out, Echo was right and the whole Internet knows that by now. Their friendship is honestly quite adorable. And even though Echo can’t hear to see, Jennie communicates with him through touch and emotions.

The is the dynamic duo, Jennie and Echo.


Jennie is only 17 months old but she has already forged a beautiful friendship that is going to last all of her life. Not only that but they love to go on walks. And it is clear that Echo is quite protective of her which is understandable. Even the Internet has become smitten with their relationship and I can see why.

How could anyone not fall in love with these two?


Echo certainly does look out for her sister Jennie and always makes sure no one gets too close to her. She loves people and will put herself in front of Jennie to be pet first. If a stranger with a dog approaches she will stand or sit in front of Jennie to shield her, but not show any aggression- just making sure she’s safe. Jennie loves to walk Echo who has learned that Jennie’s pace is a lot slower than mine, which she enjoys as she can do two of her favourite things: sniff things and people-watch.

Jennie now knows we use hand signs to communicate with Echo and is starting to mimic them. She will wave Echo over to her when she wants her to come and she knows how to offer her a treat, she likes to sneak her breakfast waffles and apple slices. Echo really only uses me as her guide since I was the first person for her to bond with as she was taken out of her first owner’s home when they threatened to euthanise her due to her deafness. Our friends and family think it is amazing and always say that they are inseparable. -Marion

We only hope that their friendship preserves for many years.


Everyone loves Echo for being so outgoing and they say that they make the perfect team as Jennie is very independent and a curious little explorer. Echo just seems to have always taken to Jennie, even before she was born. She always snuggled up to my baby bump and wanted to rest her head on it. Jennie goes to dog training with us when we have time to go and she will be in a baby carrier on my back.-Marion

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