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Girl Writes Six-Page Report To Convince Parents On Why They Should Get A Cat

I don’t see why we need reasons to get a cat.

Every time someone asks me why I have so many cats, I always reply with “why not?” There is usually no response from them after that. However, it is also because I am an adult and I can take care of my pets myself. I can give them time and take care of their financial needs. I can clean up their poop and buy their cat food. However, when you’re young, you can’t do all those things by yourself. So if you bring a pet into the house, it will mostly be your parents’ responsibility. Your parents will have to look after their children and also their children’s pets. That can be a lot of responsibility if you ask me. So you have to put up a good argument when your parents ask you why they should get a cat.


11-year-old Romesa from San Antonio has no problem doing that when it comes to convincing her parents. It wasn’t difficult at all for the little girl to think of reasons her family should get a pet because she actually wrote a six-page essay explaining why they should get a cat and what benefits they will get from it. Scroll down below to read more about the catto report:


Romesa’s sister, Rimsha, posted the essay on her Twitter account and it immediately went viral.

In the section that mentions the benefits of cats, she mentioned that they help relieve stress, warn their owners about seizures beforehand, and are actually good for children. Pretty solid argument.

She also put a bit of religion in her arguments to make sure the deal is done.


She mentioned that ‘Prophet Muhammed always fed cats and helped them out because he just knew they were kind and clean animals’.

There were a lot of detailed reasons why cats are good for families.


She stated that she wanted a fluffy Persian cat, but she would be okay with any other cat that needs a home too.

‘I just really want a cat because it would just change my life,’ she said.

Just get the kid a cat. She’s brilliant and if she can put this much effort into trying to convince her parents to get a cat, she can put effort into taking care of it as well. I really hope Romesa’s family got her a cat because she really deserves one after all this. I have 4 cats in my house and even I can’t come up with a six-page report stating their benefits. The little girl is a genius, to say the least!


And people acknowledged how smart she is too!


Do you think Romesa deserves a cat after this effort? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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