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This Unique Cat Has A Tied Guinness World Record For Having 28 Toes

This cat is a Guinness World Record holder.

They are very well known for being high achievers. It’s in the feline blood to always be at the top and never settle for anything less. Cats have been part of our world history for as long as one could remember. From being painted during the Rennaisance Era to chilling in the hammocks in the naval ships during World War II. And there are many more instances like so. Being part of so many unique experiences has allowed these cats to form high standards and made them level up their game.


Cats are a complete package. Along with the independent, confident, and very impactful personalities, they are equal amounts in terms of beauty as well. The whole cat family is just absolutely gorgeous. You just can’t get your eyes off of the little felines. I have never seen a try-hard cat when it comes to looking cute. When it comes to jealousy or when their superiority is at risk, you will see them using their whole might and various combination of their personality to do something about it. But when it comes to looking adorable, not a single effort. Every candid move that they make ends up warming our hearts. Still trying to figure out how that works.

Today I have got a story of a cat who was very unique from the very beginning and that uniqueness helped it tie a world record. This is the story of a polydactyl cat who goes by the name Paws who was born with a record leveling 28 toes.

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Paws spent its past as a stray mommy cat on a maple syrup farm located in Minnesota. Paws has the Guinness World Record for having the most number of toes. But she is not alone in this nature-defined feat. The world record of a feline having 28 toes is tied with a Canadian kitty named Jake,

Jake has 7 paws each on his total four feet. Paws, on the other hand, has three extra toes on each forepaw and one extra toe on each back paw.

Meet Paws. A cat with a lot of toes on its paws.

As you all may have already guessed. Polydactyly is a genetic mutation due to which cats are born with extra digits. This condition is mainly associated with author Ernest Hemingway. A ship captain one day gave Ernest a white polydactyl feline at his island in West Florida. He got super obsessed with the cat. Who wouldn’t be amused by seeing a cat who’s got extra paws. And guess what? He cared for 50 cats. And more than half of them ended up having extra toes.

Mutation magic baby! See it for yourselves.


Polydactyl cats are widely known as Hemingway cats as well. The genetic condition is absolutely harmless as long as the extra toes are trimmed regularly. If those extra digits are not cared for, there are chances of them to grow into the paw which could cause discomfort to the cat and walking can be difficult. Luckily, Paws veterinary doctor is very caring and trims her extra paws for free.

I am literally dying to meet this cat. Hopefully, one day. How do you guys feel about this record holder feline? Feel free to share with us in the comments section down below.


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