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20 Good Boys Who Are Not Only Good Dogs But Are Actually Superheroes

These doggos are better than humans.

While it is safe to say there are many people in professions that save lives every day. A pet doing the same thing just hits differently. After all, they are not as smart as humans. However, it is so beautiful to see that these doggos are not afraid to lay their lives on the line to save others.


From going into a fire to save a family to helping survivors out of the debris, these doggos are real-life heroes. They might not wear a costume but who needs a cape when it always gets in the way? All I can say is we don’t deserve these Angels and yet here we are. Their loyalty is unwavering and it is truly amazing to see.

So scroll on below and take a look at these doggo superheroes.

#1 She deserves a lot more than one medal.

Layka The Hero Military Dog. Despite Getting Shot 4 Times By An Ak-47 At Point Blank Range.

She Still Attacked And Subdued The Insurgent Who Was Attacking Her Handler She Survived A 7 Hour Surgery And Was Recently Awarded A Medal For Her Heroism.

#2 The boy will be thankful for Geo his whole life.


An 8-Month-Old Puppy Geo Saved Charlie Riley From Being Hit By A Truck By Pushing The Boy Out Of The Way And Getting Hit And Run Over Instead.

#3 And he was doing the only thing he knew how to do.


Tonight This Guy Barked At Me For Thirty Minutes To Take Him Out Despite Just Going. Turned Out We Had A Gas Leak In Our Apartment And He Just Wanted Us To Get Out.

#4 I want to know how she snuck out.


Maggie Snuck Out Of Her Kennel At Night To Comfort Crying Foster Puppies.

#5 Not all heroes wear capes.


Our Blind Dog Molly Saved The Lives Of 7 People, 2 Dogs, And 4 Cats From Fire.

#6 This is what I call a brotherly love.


Abbie Saved Little Benjamin By Letting His Mom Know He’s Choking.

#7 She looks ready to save as many people as possible.


This Is Frida – The Good Girl Who Saved 52 People From Mexico’s Earthquake.

#8 They are definitely even now.


A Woman Saved A Pit Bull Just Hours Before He Was Scheduled To Be Euthanized And Less Than A Week Later It Returned The Favor When He Helped Save Her 4-Year-Old Son.

#9 Even after all that, he still looks so happy.


When This Service Dog, Figo, Saw A Bus Heading Towards His Blind Owner, He Jumped Between Them In Attempt To Take Most Of The Hit For Her.

#10 Truly heartwrenching to see.


Chako Saved His Owner From An Abusive Partner Who Threatened Her With A Knife, Taking 12 Stab Wounds.

#11 This good girl needs all the treats in the world.

Pit Bull Lilly Saved Her Unconscious Owner From Getting Hit By A Freight Train By Covering Her Body And Taking The Hit Herself.

#12 The deer owes his life to Storm.


Dog Named Storm Saved An Injured Baby Deer From Drowning.

#13 I am sad that she is no longer with us.

Bretagne Was The Last Surviving 9/11 Search And Rescue Dog. She Was 2 Years Old During 9/11 And Passed Away At The Age Of 16.

#14 Sometimes hugs and cuddles can cure everything.


Whenever I’m Sick, My Dog Thinks His Love Is The Cure.

#15 This doggo has no fear whatsoever.

Pitbull Baby Saved The Entire Family When Fire Broke Out In Their House One Night, While Everyone Was Asleep.

She Not Only Alerted The Family But Ran Back Into The Flames To Rescue The Five Family Dogs, Even Dragging One Scared Pooch Out Of The Burning House.

#16 The tiny bird looks so much healthier.


Feral Dog Rex Was Rescued And Adopted By Ed Gernon. The Dog Found A Dying Hummingbird “Hummer” While Out On A Walk And Refused To Leave The Tiny Bird. Ed Ended Up Taking Her In And The Pair Nursed Her Back To Health.

#17 That is a very large number.

Today I Met A Real Hero. Meet Sam, Who Recently Retired After 10 Years And Over 300 Children Found As A Search And Rescue Dog In PA.

#18 Nature truly is amazing.


I Walked In To See My Pitbull, Akasha, Who Has Never Had Puppies, Is Now Nursing A 4 Week Old Feral Kitten I Saved.. Nature Is Amazing.

#19 And whoever said dogs were not that smart?

This Mama Dog Saved Her Puppies From A Fire And Put Them On The Fire Truck.

#20 They will become the best of friends.


Kitty Was Being Attacked By 2 Coyotes Who Were Shaking Her By Neck And Tail When Pit Bull Jack Dashed In To Fight Them Off.

What do you think of these superheroes? Do you know of any similar stories that you wanna share with us? If so comment down below and let us know.


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