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14 Dog Myths That People Need To Stop Believing

Doggos deserve all the love and care we can give them.

As a dog parent, it is our duty to care for our furry child and provide them with everything they need. We have to do our research to fully understand them and do things right. Our main source of information on dogs is usually the Internet. However, there can be a lot of misleading information on the Internet. Obviously, not everything on the Internet is true. We have to check our facts before blindly believing something.


However, there have been a couple of myths about dogs that people have been believing for a really long time. It’s time we talk about them because these myths are causing harm to our beautiful doggos. It is never too late to educate yourself about something, so below are 14 dog myths that people need to stop believing:

1. A dog is sleepy if he is yawning.

A lot of people think that if their dog is yawning, he might be bored or sleepy. That isn’t always true. In fact, a dog usually yawns when he is anxious or stressed out. This is how they deal with anxiety and being nervous.

2. A dog’s saliva can heal.


This is actually a very dangerous myth and it needs to be destroyed as soon as possible. A dog’s saliva does not have any healing properties. Do not let your dog lick your wound or even his own wound. Their saliva has a lot of germs and bacteria.

3. Raw meat is good for dogs.


Yes, dogs are related to wolves but that does not mean they have the same diet. Dogs have been living amongst humans for so long, they do not eat raw meat.

4. We need to shave dogs so they don’t get hot.


If you think shaving your dog will make it more comfortable, you are wrong. Dogs have an undercoat which helps them regulate their temperature. However, if you still think your dog is hot, there are plenty of other ways to keep them cool.

5. Dog shoes are just a fashion accessory.


Dog shoes are actually very useful. They can be used as protection for dogs that have sensitive paws. So yes, they aren’t just fashion accessories.

6. Old dogs can’t learn new tricks.


Dogs are really intelligent. They can learn tricks at every age. Old dogs might take a little longer to learn something new, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn it at all. You just have to be a little more patient with them.

7. Being greeted by an excited dog means they love you.


Some dogs are relatively calmer than others. They have learned to greet their owners more calmly. So if your dog isn’t all jumpy and excited when you come home, it does not mean that they don’t love you.

8. All dogs can swim.


A lot of dogs can swim perfectly but some breeds aren’t able to do it at all. To keep your doggo safe, you have to make sure if they can swim or not. Dogs with bigger skulls or heavier bodies make it harder for them to swim. Such breeds include bulldogs, mastiffs, and boxers.

9. Dogs don’t need to be vaccinated if they don’t meet other dogs.


It is better to be safe than sorry. Get your furry baby vaccinated by a good veterinarian. Even a little bit of neglect can cost them their life.

10. A dry nose means your dog is sick.


A dry nose does not represent a sick dog and vice versa. The first symptom of your dog’s illness will most probably be their change in appetite. They will start eating less. However, a crack on your dog’s nose might mean they are sick but a wet nose definitely does not mean they are healthy. They can still be sick and have a runny nose at the same time.

11. Dogs need to chew on bones.

If you give your dog a boiled bone, the chances are that it might choke or hurt itself by swallowing a sharp piece of the bone. Give them a fresh bone or a treat instead.

12. A wagging tail means the dog is friendly.

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Reading a dog’s emotions through his behaviour is very easy. If a dog is wagging his tail, it does not mean he is happy or he is being friendly. He might even attack you if he is just wagging his tail. However, if he is rolling around and trying to get you to pet him, then he is friendly and needs some cuddles.

11. Purebreds are not healthier than stray dogs.


Stray dogs are tougher as their immune system is stronger and they can counter different kinds of situations on their own. But even with all that, they still need to be vaccinated. An illness that can kill a purebred can also affect a stray dog the same way. Do not take the risk and vaccinate all your dogs regardless of their breed.

14. Putting a dog’s nose in his pee puddle will make him stop peeing in the house.

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This is utter nonsense and people need to stop believing it. If you’re tired of your dog peeing in the house, train it to pee outside. Be a better dog parent.

Which ones did you believe before reading this? Let us know any other dog myths in the comments below!


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