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This Independent Dog Runs A Business In Local Market And Doesn’t Need You To Pay For His Needs

Who says pets are only for cuddling around and nothing else? You can train them for as many things as you want. There are people who earn through training their pets for special purposes, such as speaking parrots help their owners around earn a bunch to survive. Taking dogs as an example, they are extremely smart and intelligent animals as well as quick learners. Hereby they are used at various institutes for different jobs such as rescue dogs, sniffers, and even for searching.


Similarly, domestic dogs help their owners to a great extent, too. They often even look after children and warns the owner if they sense some danger. There’s a lot more they are capable of doing hence being the utmost support for the owner, both physically and emotionally.

Here’s the story of Young-a a beautiful dog who is no less than a blessing for her owner. He was named Young-a by his owner. Pretty unique name right?

Young-a is a very special dog. He has to take the companionship of a pet to a whole different level. She is not just a pet to the owner, but a friend, an accomplice, and her biggest supporter. Young-a supports her mother’s ventures by sticking with her everywhere she goes. She stays by her side the whole time she is running her vegetable stall in the market. Young-a does not only go to the market to sit in the corner but in fact, helps her mother in any work that requires assistance.

Just casually sitting here, keeping an eye on anything and everything!

Though there are other dogs that come along their owners, Young-a takes away the spotlight due to his outstanding behavior. Because of her impressive behavior in the market, this Korean fellow has been the title “the superstar of the market”.

Maybe humans will be replaced soon. But not by machinery, by cute doggos!


Young-a plays the role of the cashier for the veggie stall. To purchase things from the stall, you just need to place the cost inside the box and take whatever you want to buy.

The best anti-theft device!


People should not forget that this dog is not clueless or stupid. No one can even think of pulling something fishy around her. She will pick on suspicious behavior quickly and start barking on you aggressively. And no one wants everyone to know that they were trying to steal, right?

The superstar fulfilling its super duties!


Just look at her in glasses and how she is guarding the store! Apart from her job at the market stall, Young-a even makes a very good model. She seems to model for the glasses store in the same market. I must say, Young-a makes a great model for the glasses! I am sure this store must get customers in no time. She will do it with full commitment and take it as a serious responsibility to sell the items.

Young-a does not let anything distract her!


Here is a picture of Young-a’s mother trying to feed her while is on the duty to model for the glasses store. Young-a is a very serious model, she will not be distracted during her work. Even food cannot weaken her commitment!

And of course, Young-a loves bike rides!


Moms are a handful of love, the softest creatures on earth. Young-a is a mum to a gorgeous little puppy. Despite her tough routine, she makes sure to give her little one the time he needs. She also takes him to the beach as he loves playing around water.

Beach days are a must.


Young-a is a super mom who works along with her owners and is bringing up a healthy playful pup.

Not letting anything come between family time


Picture credits: Screenshot, SBS TV

Check out this video of Young-a being an amazing doggo

I mean, we all knew that dogs are pretty helpful and good companions, but it is so impressive that dogs can even go to these lengths. Young-a is a driving force of the veggie stalk and is a helpful stranger to others too! I guess we all could learn a thing or two from her and start helping our friends and family more. But no one can do it with the style that Young-a has!

Does your dog help you in your routine and chores too? Let us know!


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