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Guy Sends A Message To The World By Walking Out Of A Job Interview

Never settle for less when you know you deserve more.

The world is unjust as it is and some things are just out of our control. People will always put you in tough spots and try to get the most out of you. But if you truly know what you’re capable of, you’d rather walk out of a job interview than compromise on your self-respect.


It’s just like if you let someone push you, they’ll keep pushing you until you finally push them back. You may be the most talented and hard-working person in the room, but people won’t always recognize your worth. So, you have to show it to them.

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It’s true that desperate times call for desperate measures and that when you’re in a dilemma you have to make a decision. However, you can always turn down the offer and walk out if you feel like you’re not appreciated enough. Exactly how this guy did. This man shared his story on LinkedIn of how he walked out of a job interview when he felt like his presence was not appreciated.

Scroll on below and see what he had to say:


Miguel Olave is a social media strategist and a mental health speaker. He came to give a job interview for a sales and marketing position. While he understands that nothing is perfect and that there can delays in interviews, what really bothered him was the way head of HR behaved.

Twice, the head of HR walked into the lobby.

Twice she missed an opportunity to simply acknowledge me.

No ‘good morning.’

No ‘we’re running a little behind.’

Absolutely no greeting.

If only the HR head had shown some decency, he would’ve happily stayed.


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He continued:

It was the feeling of not being equal.

My time not being respected.

Actions speak louder than words.

After he left, he received a call from an entry level personnel giving him the reason for the delay. Sadly, it wasn’t the Head of HR herself who was actually responsible for completely disregarding him.

“This was deeper than just a ‘hectic morning,’.

In the end, three missed opportunities to connect & show me they were human.”

Now, why was this important? If someone isn’t treating you with respect then what good is it even if you come to an agreement with them? They’ll always look down on you, undervalue your work, and disregard your opinions. It’s straight up humiliating. No one wants to associate themselves to a person or a place that doesn’t treat them as equals or with respect.

After Olave shared his story on LinkedIn, it went viral and the comments section flooded with most of the people siding with him.

In particular, one HR professional wrote:

“How do you expect people to buy from you, if you discourage people from wanting to work for you?”

Now, this simple question settles the whole debate itself.

Do you believe Olave did the right thing by not compromising? What would you have done in this situation? Let us know in the comments below.


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