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Man Makes Dog Wear Booties To Protect Dog’s Paws: Stranger Gives Unwanted Opinion

Have you ever felt the sun burning your feet? Do you feel parched, drained out of your energy, and need something chilly in your system? Well, we can ask someone for the things we need or even get them ourselves, but with animals, you must be extra careful. They can’t speak, although they can fetch the necessities themselves, what if there is no way they can get to it? In all such cases, you must be quite careful and attentive to their needs and make sure that they are always safe and at ease.


Consider yourself wearing light sandals or slippers when you go out to the store in summers or take around at the beach. The scorching heat of the sun makes you feel as if the heat will directly pierce through your footwear and land on the floor or sand. Now, imagine how a dog feels when you take it out for a walk-in summer. Barefoot!

We always dress our babies in the finest clothes, accessories, and footwear. Why not do the same with doggos? They are in fact our second babies! To spice up their style, there are so many things we can make the post of. But for summers, the most important one is footwear – wait – paw wear.

We are here with a story on how a stranger reacted to one of the Reddit User posts of “Boots on Dogs”. Scroll down to see how people reacted upon hearing the word “boots” and “dogs”. It’s not surprising at all but eh, what do we know?

1. It does seem like the right thing to do, though!

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2. Dogs roam in the forest

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Wait for a second, who are these strangers, and what are they saying? The OP doesn’t know them, hence, their opinion matters the least to us. We don’t get it when people leave their rude remarks on innocent creatures. Honestly, these doggos are better off without you! Go away. Shoo!

3. Leave them no choice

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4. Maybe the key is to get them used to it right from the start!

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5. Trex Boots are worth every penny


6. Going to buy some boots for my pup

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7. Better safe than sorry

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While some strangers really liked the idea, some of them just passed ridiculous comments to OP.  Scroll down to see more comments!

8. What even?

Via amackee

9. Does make sense though. We have all evovled

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10. Keep em safe, OP!

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11. Desensitization!

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  12. Reinforcements always work!

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13. Dogs Confidence in Boots

Via Mademoise11e

14. Winter Booties for Paw

Via Shinusaur

15. WalkeePaw – a better option

Via ProperQuiet

The best paw wear is cute boots that are just the right size! There won’t be a doggo who would not love wearing it because let’s be honest, they’re protecting their skin and reenergizing them to travel the expected distance. However, some people have to put their nose into every matter, right? They may be the ones who don’t have doggos or even worst, don’t like them either! Who are these people and why are they not on some other planet?

Anyways, what pops up in your mind after hearing Boot on Dog? Let us know in the comments section below.


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