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25 People Who Spoiled Their Pets By Giving Them Special Handmade Gifts

The effort shows our interest.

Love has many forms, shapes, and types. It can be shown, drawn, made, grown, written, sang and so much more. Love is not one specific thing. Love can be everything. Love is most appreciated when it is shown through our efforts. People calculate our love through our dedication and actions.


It is not the same case with animals as their love is unconditional. They do not need us to show effort to prove their love. It is only human nature. It is our way to show gratitude, love, and appreciation for our beloved pets. So, here are some pictures of humans proving their endless love for their pets. Scroll down…

1.“My girlfriend’s mom made a cat couch for my kitties!”

2.“She wanted a dog. I didn’t want a dog. So we compromised and got a dog. I built him a house.”


“It started out as a surplus dining table. We got it handed down from my grandmother in law and it’s since been replaced and has just been taking up space. I’d already started taking it apart. And this is the finished product. Not the finest workmanship; I was aiming to knock it out as quickly as possible. Occupant included for extra karma. I guess he’s kind of photogenic.”

3.Built a 3-dog house for the mechanic’s dogs.”


“My wife started feeding these dogs when she noticed they were thin. They’ve come up to a healthy weight, but still had no home. I’ve built a bunch of halfpipes and theater set pieces so I offered to design something and build it, wife painted the interior. We live in Mexico. It gets hot so I wanted the interior cavelike. The design was mostly in my head. It has a people access door in case one of the puppers won’t come out for any reason and a rear entry that leads into the garage where the dogs used to sleep under cars, usually on old oil. It was gross and sad.

We slathered the wood in anti termite because it’s mostly pine. They will eventually get it, but I’m hoping it will last a few years before falling apart. We bolted it to that pillar and the concrete floor of the garage. Just in case a hurricane lands. We’re blocks from the Caribbean.”

4.“We’ve built 2 kitty condos.”


“I really, really love animals but I somehow have a tendency to adopt every single cat we’ve rescued for the past 20 years! They treat me like a servant and I’m so happy to please them! We’ve built 2 kitty condos but the cats chose our bed and my hubby is their favorite!! I’m so jealous!”

5.“I, too have also built a two-storey house for my dogs. Pictures taken during the last summer.”


6.“This is a cat paw I made with my cat’s ashes.”


“Me and my buddy work together to take the ashes of lost pets and make glass memorials with them. I’ve only been working with glass for a year but I can do a lot now. We love the reactions people give us when they get their memorial❤️(this is a cat paw I made with my cat’s ashes).”

7.“Built my dog a Lego house at work.”


8.“I made this tie for my cat, I think he liked it. It is so elegant:-)”


9.“Our new kitten arrives tomorrow and I made him a bed!! A feather toy will be attached to the other string in the middle.”


10. So thoughtful, this guy built a dog trailer on his bike for his dogs.


“I built a trailer to haul my two dogs around town. They are Terriers so they are too little/stubborn to run alongside the bike. We take regular runs out to the lake for a swim and they love it! All made with used bike parts and recycled materials.”

11. “My dad and I made this for my cats with real natural wood. They love it.”

12.“I made this a few months ago and wanted to share. My friend lost her cat on Christmas Day last year in the most horrific way. So I made her an ami version. Her name was Quicksilver. One of you lovely people told me you can buy cat eyes so I tracked some down just for her.”


These pictures were too emotional than I expected them to be. They are extremely beautiful. The gifts were so thoughtful and especially the ones that were made in the honor of pets that have passed away. It is easy to love a living creature who grows old in front of you and demands your attention but to keep loving the ones who are not with us anymore is not only painful and difficult but also the most realest form of love. A love that never fades away. Keep scrolling, we are only halfway through.

13.“Had some energy and spare pinewood, so I built my dog a nice bed. This is the final result. My little dog called Jacky is a 2 years old Pekingese-Chihuahua combination.”

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14.“My 10+ yo dog likes to sleep on my legs. I made her this out of some of my old jeans for her to sleep on while I’m at work.”


15.“We built a castle for our dog.”

“We have a bay window on the front of our rental. Freya, our dog, loves watching the world go by out of the window. We had some Ikea style footrests from some old chairs in the window. They worked OK, but didn’t look good. We needed a dog castle. She loves it. This is where we can find her when we come home.”

16.“Just finished this guy. It’s my first time sewing a quilt so I made this for my dog’s bed ❤️”


17.“I know my art is not the best by any means, but I made this in honor of my friend’s dog that recently passed away. I wanted to make it as great as I could for them, even if it isn’t the best.”

18.“I built a dog tree for my cat sized dogs. I built this so my Cairn terrier could look out the window of my office. Then we adopted another dog so they have to share now.”


19.“This bunk bed I made for my pets.”

20.“An old work colleague’s dog unfortunately passed away recently 😢 so she has asked me to make a sculpture for her which I have to say made me feel very honoured.”


21.“Seems like my cats are enjoying the DIY shelving I made for them this weekend!”

22.“I made a dog house under my stairs and here is how it turned out.”


“I ran new electricity and insulated the space. I had the floor trim, now I had to add a crown. I added the decorations and had to add a camera so I could creep on my dogs. Then I built a little door for time out… When I finished the door I made a faux window from trim and used shims for the roof.”

23.“I just made this one for the street cats…”

24.“My sister made a sweater for Spaghetti… I think he loves it.”

25.“I made this water filtering bowl for my dogs.”

“I designed it on solidworks then 3D printed a model. Used that model to make a 4 piece plaster mold. Used the plaster mold to slipcast the final part then fired and glazed. The two stainless pieces I had a local metal shop make for me. There is a pump below the plastic filter housing that cycles the water through the filter. And yes it does filter, much better than ones you can buy on Amazon or at pet stores, which is why I started this project to begin with.”
These pictures were so meaningful and their reasoning was very beautiful and thoughtful. It warmed my heart. It has also given me many creative ideas for my pets that I would definitely try. Which gift inspired you the most to try to make one for your pet? Comment down below to let us know…

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