10+ People Who Adopted Senior Cats So They Can Enjoy Their Olden Years

All cats deserve unconditional love.

All cats are super unique in their own ways. They’ve got different personalities, attitudes, and behaviors. Some cats throw lots and lots of shade, some want belly rubs 24/7, some are disabled and live their lives in their own unique ways, and the list goes on. One thing that binds all these cats and their personalities together is the factor of love and attention. All these cats deserve our love and our undivided attention. It is important for us all to know that cats who’ve got a lot of attitude should in no way be classified as bad or unwanted cats. It’s their way of living and some people absolutely love to adopt such cats.


This brings me to the 2nd factor that will melt your heart. Cats are not immortal. Just like every other living being, they have a limited life and will, unfortunately, have to leave us one day. We tend to care more for older people. The same is the case with cats. There are people out there who are adopting senior cats so they can get lots and lots of love and care in their final years.

I think that is the most wholesome thing anyone could ever do. Let’s take a look at these acts of kindness.

1. Now that’s what you call a furever home.

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2. More power to you, human


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3. Grandpa cat has loved ones around him when he needs them the most. What a lucky cat.


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4. 8 years of pure love and affection. Love it!


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5. A table full of variety


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6. Adopting a senior cat is the most lovely thing you could do.


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Naturally, people tend to give less attention to senior cats. Our normal order is to get attracted to quirky, slightly annoying, smart cats who would run around the house and uplift the whole house’s environment.

Senior cats, on the other hand, like to chill a bit. They’re older. Running may get a little tough for them so they tend to sit in their cushiony beds and watch their owners all day long. Of course, they would never deny a belly rub. I think they deserve an equal amount of attention if not more because they deserve to go out surrounded by love.

7. Love how people give their cats away when they know they can’t do the best for them. It’s because all cats deserve the best.


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8. We are so sorry for your loss but we are sure Stitch enjoyed every moment of her last days with you. Lots of love.


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9. Trust me, you couldn’t have done anything better.


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10. The message is loud and clear! Adopt more senior cats!


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11. Heart is melting right now!

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12. We’re glad Mr. Handsome ‘The Senior’ Man is in good hands now


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We really hope this warmed your hearts. It gave us so much satisfaction to know that these cats are spending their final days in good care and are getting all the deserved love and attention. And those who passed away as pets of their owners, we hope they were satisfied and happy with their owners.
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