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12 Hidden Movie Facts That Only Die-Hard Fans Would Notice

Only a true fan could notice these.

Movies are usually filled with easter eggs if you keep your eyes wide open for them. Most of us are usually just so lost in enjoying the movie’s plot that we do not notice the little easter eggs that have been plotted in the movie. Well, you do not have to worry about finding those as there will always be a die-hard fan on the Internet that is looking over every detail in the movie while rewatching it a million times.
You are in for a treat today. We have gathered 12 movies that have some hidden fun facts about them that you may have never noticed. Scroll down below to read them:



1. In Back to the future 3, the teacher, Clara, is out of focus.

In the scene in which Doc and Marty realise that Clayton Ravine is also called Shonash Ravine, you can see Clara Clayton in the background, out of focus and unknowing of the fact that she will be saved by these people.

2. Ants and Aphids in A Bug’s Life


The queen’s pet, Sophie, is an actual aphid that has a mutual co-dependant life with the ants. The ants give protection from any kind of harm to the aphids and in return, the aphids bring the ants food.

3. A cheating monster from Monsters, Inc.


You might remember the scene from Monsters, Inc. where the monster George Sanderson keeps getting children’s objects stuck on his fur. These objects were considered highly dangerous by the Child Detection Agency (CDA). To disinfect him, they even shave off his fur. He was also bathed and a cone was put on his head to assure he stayed out of trouble. This happened multiple times during the movie.
In the prequel, Monsters University, the monster showed the same careless attitude. In the prequel, he was disqualified from the Scare Games as he cheated using illegal gels instead of learning how to keep children’s belongings from sticking to him. The lesson to learn from this? Cheating can have bad consequences.

4. Easter eggs in the Toy Story movies.


Pixar fans know that Pixar loves inter-connecting their movies. In Toy Story 2, when Mr Potato Head shows up with an earring, you can see Mrs Potato Head reading a book called A Bug’s Life. In the later movies, when Bonnie is creating Forky in kindergarten, you can see Boo from Monsters, Inc. in the background.


5. Daredevil and Spiderman share a location


Daredevil and Spiderman franchises are both owned by Marvel. Marvel also likes to inter-connect movies but in less subtle ways. In Daredevil, the hidden rooftop gardens of Rockefeller Center where Fisk and Madame Gao have a private conversation is the same location as the rooftop where Spiderman leaves Mary Jane after rescuing her from the Green Goblin.

6. The drifting pink bear in Breaking Bad


After Jane’s death, her father enters her room to look for appropriate clothes for her burial. In the scene, you can see a mural painted by her. In the top right corner of the mural, you can see a pink bear floating in the water which looks exactly like the one that Walter found in his swimming pool after the plane crash.

7. Tom Hanks influenced by a child in Forrest Gump


In an interview for The Graham Norton Show, Tom Hanks’s talked about Forrest Gump’s southern accent. He revealed that Michael Conner Humphreys, the child actor who played Forrest Gump as a child in the movie found it difficult to break out of his southern accent and speak in a neutral tone. So Tom Hanks decided to do the movie in a southern accent instead. That is how we have the famous Gump accent.
He spent a lot of hours talking to the boy who was only 8 years old at the time. Hanks still has some of the tapes of the conversations they had to practice his accent.

8. Eleven from Stranger Things shares an outfit.


E.T. and Eleven have a lot in common. Both of their lives are in danger and are solely protected by children riding bicycles. They are both disguised.
Gertie disguises E.T. in a blonde wig and a dress that makes the alien very uncomfortable.

9. The alien in Men in Black


The alien who showed up at Z’s funeral is Rick Baker, who is very famous special effects and makeup artist. Baker won an Oscar in Men in Black for “Best Makeup.”

10. Batmobile in the LEGO Batman movie


At Commissioner Gordon’s retirement party, Bruce Wayne picks up a magazine with himself on the cover but on the back cover is an ad of Barris automobiles. The Barris company created the first batmobile for the Batman series in the 1960s.

11. Luca does not see stars when he falls.

We always see characters seeing stars when they fall. Well, not here. In Pixar’s Luca, when the character falls to his head, he sees anchovies instead because his friend told him stars are small, shiny anchovies.

12. The names of characters in The Truman Show.


The streets in Seahaven all refer to the actors that are living in them. Meryl (for Meryl Streep), Marlon (for Marlon Brando), Lauren (for Lauren Bacall), Kirk (for Kirk Douglas), etc. All except Truman as he is not playing a role.


Did you know any of these fun facts? Some of these are really difficult to spot out but you can always count on the true fans to go through these films frame by frame to catch the easter eggs. It can be really worthwhile finding an easter egg in a movie that no one else knows about. Also, the association that easter egg might follow with either some of the source material attached to the character or just a glimpse of tiny detail aesthetic that might somehow make the movie even more. It’s good to know that most movie directors actually pay attention to even the almost thing there.

Would you like to share your own movie fun facts with us? Well, go on ahead in the comments down below!


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