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50 Times Things Turned Out Better Than Anticipated

Reality can often be disappointing, but not in these things’ cases.

We are very familiar with reality turning out worse than we had planned or had in mind. That’s how it has always been, at least that’s what I have experienced. We tend to develop high hopes for every task we perform or anything we do every day and a majority of those tasks fail as my high hopes are just too high for the reality to go up and meet them.


For people whose expectations are never met by reality, when such a rare event occurs where they meet, they are over the moon. These people get confused when things exceed their expectations because they are not used to such events so they cherish it for a very long time. When you have built an expectation related to something and reality turns out to be something very different and positive from what you had expected for a very long time, you never forget such a thing.

Thanks to Reddit, there is an entire community that goes by the name ‘Expectations VS Reality. This subreddit is dedicated to things that beat people’s expectations. Today we are going enjoy some of those instances.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. For once there are actually loads of pepperoni.

Via VotreColoc

2. Design the person gave vs what artist saw in it.


Via Zlatehagoat

3. They had to assemble the table and were very surprised to see everything organized perfectly with labels.


Via 2_black_cats

4. They wanted the cake to be made just like the bok and they got exactly what they wished for.


Via angrycanuck

5. What was inside looked even better than the picture on the box.


Via t3slaract

6. Honestly if you send a reference drawing that good, you deserve a resultant cake like that.


Via Fwanko

7. You can take your expectations to the sky in Japan because they will always meet them.


Via DoktorVonKvantum

8. This cupcake birthday cake was ordered from a grocery store.


Via mydogisanastronaut

9. This person set up their camera, pointed it upwards and set the shutter speed to an hour. The result was far more mesmerizing than what they had in mind.


Via ajamesmccarthy

10. The wife of the house is an expert in replicating cupcakes from images.


Via bike_rack

11. He shined his girlfriend’s boot and didn’t think it would turn out this good.

Via MurrDeHurr

12. She used to apply to filter to get that hair color, now she actually has them and they look far better.


Via prjrwifey18

13. A very lucky human.

Advertisement by UDM

Via Eric_SS

14. Family told the kid they only have enough money to get one pizza for his birthday party. They didn’t tell him the size of it.


Via trchil

15. The tattoo artist did that by looking at that?

Via sierraalexiss

16. They ran out of filament. The improvisation was on point.


Via welshhomebrew

17. This person got perfect blankets after ordering them from a very suspect online site.

Via ezfriedchiken

18. Whoever made that masterpiece, deserves a raise.


Via thepantyprincessx

19. I have never reality meeting imagery this perfectly.

Via Odinlarsen

20. The bakery absolutely nailed the Dr. Who cupcakes and that too on very short notice.


Via zarishka

21. They messed up an easter egg so decided to dye it, it turned out to look like the universe.

Via chrisevslee

22. 12 hours of restoration and the result looks better than ever.


Via aberempel

23. This is the first time they made a layered cake. The final product is only the right.

Via engraz

24. Not sure about the face but the swap on the cup looks fantastic.

Via Tnpdynomite

25. Where can I find such artists?

Via Awnya

Imagine the satisfaction after beating the low expectations. I have felt that a couple of times and it is totally worth the patience and hard work. Kudos to these guys for achieving what they wanted to. Call it luck or whatever you want to, they did it and so can you.

Let’s enjoy some more pictures where reality beat expectations.

26. Straight out of the book.


Via ag2575

27. The artist absolutely surpassed all existing expectations with this piece.


Via queso4lyfe

28. “The way we advertise our Jack-O-Lantern Pizzas vs the way I like to make them for customers.”

Via ArcusArtifex

29. “I took a picture through my sunglasses at the beach with my phone. It turned out better than I expected.”


Via Captain__CheeseBurg

30. “American Cherry Pie Frappuccino in Japan.”

Via StePK

31. “Pic I sent cookie maker, and what I got. 100% impressed.”

Via ICvsShipt

32. “I went to 5 Guys last night when they were closing They asked if I wanted extra bacon cause they were going to throw it out. I didn’t expect this.”


Via BossMcBossington

33. “My wife and I were worried our daughter would have a hard time making friends in kindergarten.”

Via robinson217

34. “I think it turned out pretty well.”

Via brigie3594

35. “My first attempt at cake decorating. Nailed it.”


Via Starrberry27

36. “Christmas gift from my teens has proven more useful than expected.”

Via Beththemagicalpony

37. “That’s hot.”

Via Grand_Area

38. “My wife asked what kind of cake she should make. I told her that, honestly, I’ve always wanted to try Peach’s Thank-You cake from the End of Super Mario 64.”


Via alandenton

39. “Pic given to local baker on the left. Actual hungry unicorn cake I received on the right. I like my cake better.”

Via VenomousUnicorn

40. Perfect replication.

Via annaplantain

41. “It’s my son’s birthday today and he wanted a fire-truck cake. It came out better than expected.”


Via ra66itz

42. “I wasn’t actually expecting that.”

Via vumette

43. “Pretty happy with how this turned out.”

Via CometDebris

44. Blessing to the house and the mouth.


Via ItzGonnaBeMei

45. “My daughter begged me to show her a planet through her toy telescope. Expected failure, but found Jupiter and all 4 moons. Mindblown.”

Via yogiscott

46. “My friend’s wife wanted us, groomsmen, to do a pic similar to the Bridesmaids’ poster. I’d say it came out better than I expected.”

Via fupasaursrex

47. “My mom made an Elsa cake.”


Via hellogoodhigh

48. “Made a unicorn cake for my mom’s birthday. Considering how inexperienced I am with baking, I thought it turned out pretty good.”

Via nightmare_vision

49. “Client’s sketch for pendant vs finished pendant. Expectations surpassed.”

Via brokenfap

50. “Otterly impressive birthday cake from my mom.”

Via mamabear034

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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