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18 People Share Hilarious And Wildest Menus They Saw In Restaurants

What’s the first thing you look at after sitting on your chair in a restaurant? The table? A rose flower vase? Frames hanging on the wall? Or the people around you? SIGH! None of these. Obviously, you look at their menu card. But, what if you see something hilariously terrible while ordering your meal? Will you have a good laugh and continue to eat from there or will you be compelled to leave the place? 


Some restaurants have funny menu fails and you can’t stop laughing after reading their cards. But what’s the fail in the menu? It can be ridiculous photoshop skills, fonts, spellings, and the name of the dish that you can’t even read or spell. We all have gone through this funny moment in the restaurants. 

Have a look at some hilarious menus and enjoy your day!

1. “This Was The Image Of Choice For An Ice Cream Menu In Austria”


2. “This Menu”


3. “This Seductive Duck I Found On A Menu In Vietnam, Complete With An Excellent Typo”


4. “The Sushi Restaurant, That I Went To, Accidentally Put A Picture Of USB Sushi On Their Menu”

Via PainOnTap

5. “This “Plane” On My Airline Menu”

Via slaytanic667

6. “Translated The Menu, Boss”

Via TheHelgon

7. “This Busy Ice Cream Shop In Seattle Put Their Menu On A Mirror So It’s Impossible To Read”

Via cwithersk12s

8. “Subway Salad Menu”

Via kiloparamedic

9. “The Motherlode Of The 90s Nightmares”

Via  jakeninja

Haha! Can’t figure out whether these fails are ridiculous or an act of unprofessionalism. Well, restaurant owners invest so much in their business but what they don’t focus on is their menu cards. The menu of your restaurant plays a vital role in intriguing the customers. If the customer find’s something wrong with the card, they will definitely judge the place in no time. No matter how best your service is or how good your food tastes, some of the customers will leave your place with a bad impression. 

Scroll down to see more menu fails! 

10. “You’ll Need To Use The Flashlight On Your Phone To Read The Menu” – Waitress

Via account_user_name

11. “This Menu”

Via AC_Schnitzel

12. “An Online Menu For A Restaurant I Was Considering Eating At”

Via Komalandorinha

13. “Top-Notch Photoshop On This Greek Menu”

Via 8-moebius-8
Advertisement by UDM

14. “It’s On Their Menu”

Via elliotclay76

15. “The Peas Are Upside Down”

Via Epidemiologic

16. “My Friend Is In Florence, Italy And This Restaurant He’s At Has An Assassins Creed Screenshot As Their Menu Background”

Via Hicklebonk

17. “This Picture Isn’t Blurry, That’s How The Menu Looks”

Via Metro_Mutt

18. “French Restaurant Menu”

Via ttruffs1010

Oh, god! Who the hell made these menus? Don’t they proofread? Well, who cares. These pictures are the reason for a smile on our faces today. Forget the taste of their food, you will definitely raise your eyebrows while reading their menu cards. Thanks to these cards for giving us a good laugh. Which menu fails you did you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear more from you. Also, next time, whenever you spot a ridiculously hilarious and terrible menu card, don’t forget to take a picture!


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