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Artist Makes Hilarious Comics About His Rescued Cat & First Time Cat Owners Can Relate

Cats are heaven-sent.

Or they are from hell, whichever way you look at it. You can’t deny that most people love them. Why? because they are always there for you. Whether they are destroying your couch or scratching up your face. At least they are not like other people who will leave you at the first sign of trouble.


Maybe that is the reason people love drawing them in comics. Because Lucas Turnbloom from Southern California certainly does. This cartoonist loves to draw the cat he rescued while she is doing various shenanigans.

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#1 And I will stare at you while I wait.

#2 He’d rather not know.


#3 Felines can do whatever they want.


#4 Anything but the cat bed is okay.


#5 I would like to know those mistakes.


#6 The sink is much more magical.


#7 Is this kitty bi-polar?


#8 This happens to humans when we look at cute things.


#9 The washcloth was only a bait.


#10 Happy birthday indeed.


#11 And she will probably win as well.

He didn’t want to post the comics at first but his wife convinced him so here we are. And we are glad that he did because these are hilarious.

#12 Only naps all day.


#13 I bet it feels a whole lot better.

#14 The human shouldn’t have done that.


#15 The most comfortable place.

#16 Even when the cat looks at humans?


#17 We should always be prepared.

#18 Cats in a nutshell.


#19 All I see is red.

#20 Hasn’t she heard that curiosity killed the cat?


Anyone who has a cat can relate to this. Because at the end of the day, no matter how tightly you lock the door. There is a 50-50 chance that they will find a way in and wreck the whole place.

#21 Everything was somewhat okay till the last costume.

#22 The skull can be very bouncy.


#23 Do you want your face to be scratched?

#24 She should have listened.

#25 Cats love new and shiny things.

#26 It’s all the hoomans fault.


#27 Who doesn’t like lasagna?


#28 Not hungry anymore.

First, they spend the whole morning pestering us to give them food and when they finally get it, they are suddenly not hungry. It’s like they only do this to make our lives a living hell.

#29 We will take over the world soon enough.


#30 I’m not scared. Not at all.

#31 If it fits, I sit.

#32 That’ll teach him!


#33 But I want to play with the little spider.

#34 Just listen to what our overlords say.

#35 Didn’t you learn from the dog costume?


#36 It is a strategy for this kitty.

#37 Not really, I do what I want.

From toilet paper to rugs, nothing is safe when you have a cat. Yes, even if you do have a scratching post at home. They will use everything but that when it comes to using those claws.

#38 This cat doesn’t like luxurious things.


#39 Rather than chocolate, you get a different surprise.

#40 Do cats really love to stare at you while you do your business?

#41 Some cats just like to watch the world burn.


#42 Not gonna happen while the kitty’s here.

Can you relate to any of these comics? Comment down below and let us know.


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