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20 Hilarious Comics That Every Adult Will Find Funny

We all do things that we hide.

Even if we talk about how we are an open book, there are still some things that we don’t like to tell everyone. Whether it be binging food in the middle of the night or letting a fart out when you think no one is there. We have all done it but would we really admit it in front of a lot of people? Probably not. And that is exactly why these comics are so relatable and hilarious. They show us the things that we all think about and do but are never mentioned in our day-to-day life.


The artist behind these comics is Esther González and she is from Spain. She sort of draws herself in relatable situations and sometimes will even involve her boyfriend in these scenarios which makes it even better. She shows the reality of relationships in a humorous way and that is very well appreciated. She has over 100k followers but she clearly deserves more. Her art style is very unique but also adorable.

So we decided to compile some of the best comics she had to offer and put them in one place for you. However, if you want, even more, you can always check out her Instagram.

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#1 We have all been in this situation.

No matter how good you have been on your diet all throughout the day when the night comes, the demon comes out to play.

#2 We all let go of ourselves when we are at home or on periods.


I can especially relate to the water bottle and the eyebags.

#3 To be fair, kids hurting themselves is pretty funny.


This can be especially funny if the kid was being annoying before.

#4 Honestly, the sound they make is horrendous.


#5 I can feel the pain.


I would never be able to do the things these women do on their periods, I just want to lie down and never get up unless it is over.

#6 We all want to touch a cat’s tummy but it is never recommended unless you like pain.


#7 I never noticed this but it is quite true.


This just makes me feel bad if I don’t buy something at the expensive shop because they keep staring at me.

#8 Some people just have it all together.


To be fair, having kids is not a necessary thing either.

#9 That is certainly one way to get your revenge.


#10 I only wish that work could be done at night because I am at my best when the sun sets.


#11 Everyone has their insecurities.

#12 It is all about the angles.


And you also need a ton of waterproof makeup or the look doesn’t work.

#13 All plants need water, right?

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Apparently, even cactuses need water.

#14 What happens after a few drinks with your friends.


#15 Children have it so much better these days.

#16 Sometimes you just have to tell it to him straight.


#17 They know everything about us, it is too late.

#18 Even sexy goddesses need sleep.


#19 Just tell me the age to me in months, I do not wanna do maths.

#20 This always happens and then you are stuck.


What are your thoughts on these comics? Which one of these did you find the most relatable? Have you ever been in these situations? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share these comics with your friends so they can enjoy them as well.


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