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40 Pet Owners Shared The Most Ridiculously Hilarious Emergency Vet Bill Stories On Twitter

Pet owners can even go to the ends of the Earth to make their pets happy and healthy.

We all know pet owners love their pets more than anything else in the world and they can go to any length to make sure their pets are healthy and happy. Once they notice any change in their pet, they would go crazy. They would just panic and rush to the vet to get their pet checked. They can spend a good amount of money on their pets to make sure their pet is doing fine. A Twitter user took it to Twitter to ask all the pet owners to share the ridiculously funny emergency vet bill story and so many pet owners came up with hilarious experiences. Scroll down to read.

A Twitter user asked the pet owners to share the most ridiculously funny emergency vet bill:

1. When your dog has a cough and you take him to the vet:


Via: vanessa_young56

2. The hamster that had a fridge magnet in hose mouth:


Via: eeveeluti0n

3. The doggo who hates kids:


Via: prettybaddie27

4. The dog wants to go back to the mountains:


Via: mysta42

5. When you are a new cat owner:


Via: ai_valentin

6. Dog: Keep talking, I don’t give a damn!


Via: _parasocial

7. A dog with “happy tail syndrome”:


Via: emilygmonster

8. The dog who ate a joint:


Via: alicesauras

9. 400 bucks for a minute-long fart.


Via: awkwardsince86

10. Paid to the vet to fat shame this cutie:

Via: easykidmp3

11. Dog with a gas issue:


Via: McJesse

12. A dog who started limping very badly:

Via: fionafraser

13. A cat who started showing signs of dying:


Via: PaladinAmber

14. A cat who calls loudly when using the litter box:

Via: jbaggs

15. A puppy who started showing UTI symptoms:


Via: ByRobinEpley

16. The dog who sat on someone’s chewed-up gum:

Via: observedbriefly

17. When your cat wants you to play with her:


Via: sofapflanze1

18. When you notice warts on your dog’s chest:

Via: robynehrlich

19. The horse who is afraid of the ground:


Via: PippityPip

20. When your dog gets attention for limping:

Via: Deangeville

Pets are dramatic and always give a mini heart attack to their owners for acting as if they are dead, depressed and would not eat. Their owners would rush to the vet just to find out that they have eaten a sock, some hair ties, a fridge magnet and even they would limp or cough just to get their owners’ attention. Scroll down to read more hilarious experiences.

21. When you leave your at home for a week:


Via: cornmaes

22. When your dog eats a sock:

Via: cr0mbling

23. Peanut and his normal face:


Via: kris_ten15

24. A cat who does not like the taste of a bug:

Via: ItsKatBiscuits

25. When you have been thinking your cat is a girl:


Via: c_e_l_i_ne

26. When your cat has been acting skittish:


Via: kateiwall

27. When you cat likes your attention:

Via: amandakstorey

28. Dog holding in a fart:


Via: skeletonman20

29. When you suspect that your cat has cancer:

Via: Alexandra_JFG

30. The anxious cat:

Via: heidi_mariee

31. When your bunny does not like the taste of the new cat food brand:


Via: Dragonette90

32. Dogs made gagging noises:

Via: OctopusGallery

33. When your cat is sensitive to change:

Via: TheTinaVasquez

34. Doggo that does not like the smell of boiled shrimp:


Via: ArinTX

35. When your dog eats a pack of 12 hamburger buns:

Via: BengalKathy

36. A cat with chin acne:

Via: tinytelephones

37. Zapata’s cords got tangled in the leg:


Via: stinapag

38. When your cat feels anxious at the vet:

Via: chmoneyb

39. Embedded ticks in dog’s stomach:

Via: dykotomee

40. When your cat has gas:


Via: JessRunsHappy

What’s your hilarious emergency vet bill? Comment down to let us know!


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