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20 Hilarious Posts Are For Everyone Who Thinks They Are A Mess

Once upon a time, we were children and were under the impression that everything will be good and smooth once we get older. Damn, that did not age well. Nothing is good or smooth now. No matter how hard you try, something is always going wrong. Especially since Corona hit our doors, things have been anything but good. Since we got older, it seems like everything is going downhill.


Every individual may think they are alone in the struggle but that is not the case. We all are in the same boat and share the same struggles. If you think your life is farthest in the pit, think again. You are not alone and these posts are a true depiction of it. Scroll down and see for yourself;

1. Always dream big!

This is what every dog’s human parent thinks. Sometimes I get the urge to install cameras and monitor if my dog speaks or not.

2. “Alright then”

Even the person sounded concerned. The person probably wondered if everything was okay. It was sweet of them to check in, though!

3. But we will try the recipe too!


At least now they know you have more talents than what you are applying for! Everyone likes multi-talented people.

4. Scream into the void for 1 hour


Whoever is a morning person is a wizard. There is no way anyone could achieve that much in the first few hours after waking up.

5.  There is no escape!


I mean, that is why we share locations with our friends, right? So someone else could be responsible for our safety?

6. Skincare is a fraud


All these brands are fooling us! The smartest way to steal money is by masking it as a business and skincare. People will hand you their money themselves.

7. Life of every person in summer

We all want it, but we are not willing to work for it. Please serve it to us on a silver platter!

8. The cycle never ends!


This is what they call adult life.

9. It be like that for all of us


Kylie Jenner is one of the might kind.

10. It is a unique talent that needs to be appreciated


Organized messy is the best one.

11. Messy car to the rescue

That sauce came in handy this time but she needs to clean her car. Messy cars are not acceptable, guys!

12. Stop playing games with me, you damn phone!


Phones like playing games with you when they are in a funny mood.

13. Story of everyone’s life

14. Consequences of being stupid


We still never learn!

15. What else is green tea for?

Why do they market green tea in the manner that makes you think it will make you lose weight within a day?

16. The least you can do is pretend your life is in order.


When life is a mess, skincare and cleaning your room is the solution to all your problems.

17. Official announcement

She could not have done it without everyone’s support. This is a big achievement.

18. I am not handling my life well, I’d rather someone else do it now.


Even a demon would be able to handle life better than me.

19. Sounds like a good plan

20. That is all I need to do!


Only if it was that easy, we would not have any problems at all. It is easier said than done.

I feel pretty relaxed after reading all these posts. How is it that each one of us has such similar experiences? We all share the same emotions. I guess that is what adult life is. We all have fallen victim to the same monster.

Did you relate to any of these? Let us know in the comments!


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