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Hilarious Tweets Of Cats Living The Best Cat Lives

I wish I was a cat.

I mean, they have the best lives. They wake up at whatever time they want, demand food and immediately get it, play around the house and cause chaos and then sleep again. Isn’t that the perfect kind of life? What wouldn’t I do to do whatever I want and wherever I want? Cats are super bossy too. You can’t order them around either because you know they aren’t even listening. And if you try to force anything on them, get ready to have your face scratched off.

They rule the world, they rule our house, they rule our hearts, and they rule the Internet too. You can’t go through social media without seeing a cat-related post every few minutes. It could be a meme or just a random photo, but a cat is going to be there. So we’re going to filter out some of the best hilarious cat tweets for you. Scroll down below to see them:

1. Who can say no to that?


Via @muddycat_atami

2. How will my cat pay so much rent?


Via @baz00per

3. We’re all in love.


Via @fuslie

4. Spitting facts out here.


Via @harleywrecks

5. The best kind.


Via @DickKingSmith

6. I’m going to melt.


Via @Quorgi

7. Close enough.

Via @natsantonia

8. The best feeling ever.


Via @hell_doe

9. Odd-eyed cats are so beautiful.

Via @thesebosscats

10. Just me and my beer.


Via @Bodegacats_

11. Two types of people.

Via @MaraWilson

12. Why am I not this cute?


Via @animalarmy

Cats are hilarious and adorable at the same time. Look at these little furballs, walking around, having no idea how cute they are or how much their silly shenanigans crack us up. This is why they are our favourite animals. Everything they do is unintentionally amazing. What would our lives be like without cattos? Just dull, sad, and boring. Scroll down below for more:

13. Look into the void.


14. That cat is a model.


Via @koffeewithsunny

15. Cheeto is the perfect name for a tiger.

Via @imane

16. So fluffy.


Via @imane

17. Is this how kittens are born?

Via @Bodegacats_

18. The only type of classes I want to attend.


Via @misanthropologa

19. He didn’t like it.

Via @catoutofcontxt

20. Catto in style.


Via @orangeofaman

21. My life is now complete.

22. Big relate.

23. Very active crowd.

24. The only thing you need to see today.

So what did you think of these cat tweets? Do you have any to share? Let us know in the comments below.


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