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25 Hilariously Dumb But Technically Correct Jokes That Will Crack You Up

There is no such thing as a “bad pun.”

If you crack a joke and everyone responds with “Get out” or “Shut the f**k up,” just know that your joke was a masterpiece. Who even likes normie jokes now? That’s a thing of the past. We are now into dumb humour. Memes and jokes that are so bad that they’re actually good. Did you know, things can be stupid but technically correct at the same time?


Yes, that is possible. And we will prove it to you today. After reading these jokes, you might emerge as a smarter human being, or you might just break your brain. It could be either one of these possibilities, so I’m just giving a fair warning. However, even if you don’t get smarter, you will definitely feel lighter after having a good laugh. Scroll down below to see 25 hilariously dumb but technically correct jokes that will crack you up:

1. Not sure if this was intentional or not.

Via VinayakFromIndia

2. Be grateful for whatever you have, man.


Via zaynthelegend

3. Guess who lived up to his word?


Via Icymaymay

4. A writer is a DJ.


Via _TheMagicalYeet_

5. You do know what “K” means, right?


Via salamyinyourmommy

6. Don’t try to fool us.


Via skellymcc

7. God cancelled Adam and Eve.


Via VinayakFromIndia

8. He just did.


Via Kawaii-Dude

9. Sheesh, who doesn’t know what a baby is?


Via MacaroniItsNotAPasta

10. But why would you?


Via Abenn717

11. Welcoming healthier days!

Via AfterLord

12. The correct term would be “Knight Owl.”


Via Kelly240361

Wow. I’m definitely losing a lot of brain cells after reading these. The funniest part is, you can’t tell whether some of these are sarcastic or genuine. That is a little disturbing too. However, we know that common sense is not common in people. So don’t keep your expectations too high. Keep scrolling for the rest:

13. Blood isn’t a good sign in real life too.

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Via Casperzwaart100

14. If you count, it is true.


Via manUgaey

15. Why would I give my pain a good rating?

Via RealLifeTaco

16. I’m pretty sure the world will end this year.


Via MicrowaveBurrito2568

17. Well, he’s not wrong.

Via pedrodr11

18. Earth sandwich.


Via man_kind_

19. Stuff like this keeps me up at nights.

Via boneblender

20. At least he’s honest.


Via mrcreyes

21. I would be disappointed if that wasn’t the answer.

Via Luca_Nightshade

22. Just what he described.


Via mrjmwalker

23. I think this just broke my brain.

Via mrjmwalker

24. The Astley Paradox.

Via maxmaytho

25. I am fat AND beautiful.

Via funnybabaji

What did you think of these jokes? Do you want to punch someone in the face or are you just happy with the few giggles you got? Let us know any bad jokes that you’ve got up your sleeve in the comments below!


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