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50 Times People Didn’t Realize How Useful Sunscreen Could Be

Sunscreen is very useful.

Not only is it necessary to protect your skin in the long term from cancer but it is also the best way to ensure that you don’t get sunburnt. Now I know that a lot of people like getting tan and I won’t say that there is anything wrong with that but not everyone’s skin can handle the sun for a long time. I mean even if I wanted to get tan, I would probably get red like a tomato because that is just how my skin is.


I am also aware that some people just don’t like the feel of sunscreen on their body but what they don’t realize is that being a tiny bit uncomfortable is better than your skin being burned to a crisp. And the following are just some pictures that will help me prove that exact thing. These are what are known as tanning fails. Some of these people wanted to tan but didn’t realize their skin was so sensitive while others just didn’t put their sunscreen on their whole body.

Some of these are hilarious while others look to be incredibly painful.

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#1 He is still showing off his arms though.

#2 When you wear glasses in the sun but you are a ginger.


#3 This is why you need more than just a cap.


#4 I guess people don’t realize that even their heads can get tan lines.


#5 No, this is not Neopolitan ice cream.


#6 Atleast they didn’t get sunburnt, right?


#7 How come the pants weren’t equal?


#8 Yes, these are from the same person.


#9 That looks incredibly painful.


#10 This person said it best themself, the bib of pain.


#11 When you have a mark on your body that doesn’t get tan.

#12 Crocs are just not made for the beach.


#13 This is why you spread the spray-on sunscreen.

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#14 How come all of these people wear the same shoes?


#15 This is almost neon pink.

#16 Are we sure they aren’t wearing leggings?


#17 Well, this is certainly a look.

#18 This sort of thing happens a lot when you wear shorter sleeves.


#19 This person apparently had a temporary tattoo and this happened.

#20 The sign of people who wear masks.


#21 Maybe he should have worn a hat for this wedding.

#22 As I said before, no crocs on the beach.


#23 I am pretty sure he can’t even move his neck.

#24 That is certainly a pretty design.

#25 Another person with awful tan lines because of a hat.

I have had experience with sunburn myself which I am not proud to admit but it happens to all of us. I mean I did have sunscreen on but it wasn’t the strongest and so my whole face and arms were bright red and even got blisters. Not only was it incredibly painful but the blisters also took a while to completely heal which was not a fun experience in any way. This is why a good sunblock is necessary whenever you are going out in the sun.

#26 When you don’t wear your watch.


#27 Never wear shoes if you want to get tan.


#28 We already have proof of why you shouldn’t wear shoes.

#29 Gingers are incredibly unlucky when it comes to the sun.


#30 Atleast it looks like a cool design.

#31 The tattoos are absolutely beautiful though.

#32 Lots of people don’t realize that spray-on sunscreen needs to be rubbed in.


#33 When you only put sunblock on your moles.

#34 That is certainly a weird-looking tan.

#35 The color difference is insane.


#36 Was he wearing overalls?

#37 This is why you need to be flexible.

#38 The skin just looks angry.


#39 I have had this happen as well and it is not fun.

#40 Atleast they are making use of the sunburn in a funny way.

#41 Did somebody say zebra print?


#42 Only putting sunscreen on your tattoo is not the way to go.

#43 Ripped jeans are not great for when you go under the sun.

#44 I guess he should have done more than just putting on a hat.


#45 Well, this does not look like a proper application.

#46 I can feel the pain even through the screen.

#47 His back looks like a painting in the making.


#48 What even happened here?

#49 We are just not even going to mention the hair.

#50 I have learned that spraying on sunblock is not the best.

Have you ever been sunburnt before? Or does your skin get tan easily? Do you always remember to put on sunscreen or does it not really work for you? Let us know your thoughts about sunscreen and tanning in the comments down below.


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