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19 People Who Can’t Spend A Night Without A Hug From Their Pets

A warm cozy and furry hug on a cold gloomy night, who wouldn’t want that?

If you’re lucky enough to be a pet owner you’ll surely realize the value of these snuggles and cuddles, they give you life! Lying on a couch in the living room, sleepy and just getting done with your favorite TV show, something just muffles up in your feet or on your leg and sometimes in your arms — You guessed it right! It’s sleep hug time with your cats and dogs or some other pets you have at home.


Why do they do it? Simply because they love you! They love absorbing the affectionate energy you radiate towards them. Similarly, every pet owner loves being cuddled by their pets! Folks in the pictures below, can’t sleep without a furry fuzzy hug from their pets either. Here’s a few pictures of such owners sleep hugging their pets while the loved ones perfectly captured the moments with utmost warmth.

1.  Their love for sleep and sleep hugs is evident

via © Howdy-Hoooo / reddit

The most adorable sleeping picture I have ever seen…

2. “My dog Többe loves napping and cuddling.”

via © Sk8ersk****r / reddit

When bae likes to sleep on your arm

3. “I finally caught my fiancé having a nap with my baby and I’m crying they’re so sweet.”

via © milkycactus32 / reddit

They are getting along pretty well

4. The doggos switch one after the other, for sleep hugs

via © badhabitsss / reddit

Lazy Sundays and doggo hugs, life’s good

5. “Morning sickness is rough, but this guy is definitely helping. He’ll sleep with her like this for hours.”

via © UndrehandDrummond / reddit

6. When the kitty gets too cozy

via © SuperGreedy / reddit

Double dose of sleep hugs

7. What’s better than sleeping on your cat-mom — says kitty

via © babyxmegan / reddit

8. “My husband complains all the time that the cats don’t cuddle with him. Here’s a photo of him and Lightning napping together.”

via © vythi / reddit

Man, she likes secret cuddles while you sleep

9. “Just taking a nap with Lil’ Jerry”

via © Uncle-Becky / reddit

Jerry seems to be happy with this sleep hug trend too!

10. How to know that your pup feels absolutely safe being at home and around you

via © its420honeybun / reddit

The smile, while she sleeps, says it all…

Pets are a blessing to humans, and we can’t deny that. They’re there to brighten up darker moments, release stress and lower your raising blood pressure. What a better way to let go of all the tiredness you gained during the day by ending it with a snugly sleep hug with your homey…

Keep scrolling to see some more pictures of pets and their owner’s pleasant moments!

11. “My dog gave birth to this sweet little puppy that loves to sleep on her back like this.”

via © the-poopiest-diaper / reddit

What a sight!

12. “My husband is napping with our foster kitty and using a hat instead of closing the shades so that she can enjoy the sunshine. This is love!”

via © cultureShocked5 / reddit

13. “She won’t go to sleep when it thunderstorms unless I hold her like this.”

via © HankHenson2013 / reddit

That feels nice, I’ll probably sleep now

14. “My husband and the cat sleeping together. I love this picture of them.”

via © jsweet0013 / reddit

The color coordination, though!

15. “My nephew and my cat Virola. Lazy inseparable friends…”

via © darcon_pr / reddit

The laziness is totally justifiable, who would want to give up kitty hugs?

16. “My 2 favorite boys! They love sleeping together!”

via © Msaunders82 / reddit

17. “My dad and our new puppy enjoying nap time together”

via © mygearsarethiccer / reddit

18. “My girlfriend and my dog love to sleep together.”

via © pedroalvesq / reddit

Her hair smells nice too

19. “I caught them sleeping together. Both were snoring.”

via © LisaW88 / reddit

Now you would know who snores louder, girl!

We’ll give up anything for these warm clutches! Almost every pet owner has surely experienced such moments and hereby wants these hugs every night he/she goes to sleep and sometimes even multiple times a day…

You might also be one of these. Well, we’ll love to see you have a bit with your pet while you both sleep peacefully Make sure to share them with us! Happy sleep hugging, pals!


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