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Husband Expects His Wife To Do All The Work And Gets Pissed Off When She Refuses To

A car can’t drive without four wheels.

Why am I talking about cars? Well, it is a metaphor for how marriage is a partnership and you can’t expect your partner to do all the heavy lifting. Because it would definitely end badly if they do so. Whether your partner is a stay-at-home mom/dad or climbing the ropes in their career, helping each other is the way to any healthy relationship.

However, it seems this guy missed the memo. Even after his wife sacrificed a lot to stay home and take care of the child and everything else. Rather than being thankful and appreciative, he demanded that she is supposed to do everything and not complain. Just because you don’t get paid for doing house chores and taking care of your kid doesn’t mean it isn’t harder than a full-time job.

Source: Reddit

I know the title makes it sound really bad but you won’t know until you read the whole story.

Not everyone wants to be a stay at home parent.


What I don’t get is why she stopped working when she was the one earning much more than him?



This irritates and upsets me to read because this is exactly what my father did to my mother. You are not a maid. You are a mum, a super mum it sounds like it. He can’t expect you to do everything at his command on the daily, being the sole income earner does not give someone the right to treat their partner like shit.

I hope you’re okay and can figure out something where you can go back to work and look after yourself more. –suck-ulent

I honestly can’t see how any of this is fair.



He’s the sole financial contributor to the household but expects you to pay the household costs from savings? Unreal. –Jenivere7

If he isn’t going to listen, I suppose this is the only way.


From what I can see, their future doesn’t look the best.


Exactly! While I hope it works out, I don’t have my fingers crossed.


100% go back to work. Your husband is a selfish piece of work. I would separate your finances & do not give him access.

Tell him if he’s unhappy to hire a maid

NTA –Dee747

Wouldn’t it be better for him to stay at home?


What about you though? Does your mental health not matter?


It feels like he is treating her as if she is a maid and not his wife.


This makes zero sense to me, too. I’m a SAHM and my husband pays for 100% of literally everything. I have complete access to the bank accounts and make most financial decisions; I don’t ask permission. I also make maybe $3000/year on my own, I have total control over that money, and we spend it on fun things. Why the hell is she using her savings? –RiotousOne

Even people who haven’t personally experienced this know how hard it can be.

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