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25 Hysterical Cat Posts That Are Too Funny To Miss Out On

Let’s talk about the animal we have all been in love with for centuries – Cats! They are a mixture of everything good in one. These creatures are cute, smart, loving, curious, goofy, and of course, moody. Most importantly, they are extremely photogenic…. well, at least some of them are (when they want to be).


Because of their curious nature, they can never stay still for a picture. You might be able to catch their attention for like… 3 to 4 seconds but that’s about it. The second the see something, even if it’s as tiny as a fly, forget about them staying still from that point onwards. You must be thinking it’s probably best to just make a video? Well, hold that thought for a while because we have got a solution for you!

According to Ingrid Johnson, a cat behaviorist, you can actually take good pictures of cats if only you do it in their environment, where they are the most comfortable. She explained in an interview; “Taking cats out of their home for a photo shoot is often where things go awry. Use natural light and play with them to encourage them to look confident and alert.” Well, there goes our plan of taking our cat to the beach for a nice photoshoot!

Keep scrolling to read Ingrids interview and hopefully, we can find some tips and tricks that might help us! And of course, don’t forget to enjoy some hilarious AF cat posts!

1. Seriously, 4 against 1? This cat must be the real alpha.

Via ZloyKpoJluk

“The dogs know who rules the House… its the kid with the knives for fingers..” – Krazy Kanuck

2. Did you just try to take away my food, human?


Put it back in front of me!

3. We want to know the story behind how this happened


“There’s a story behind this picture.” – Cecilia Herrera

4. The exact moment this cat realized it had made a mistake…


But, at least, this one got to keep the egg. No regrets!

5. We use our phones, this cat uses art! Definitely highly advanced


“I see that the cat is an art connaisseur. This is very cute.” – Raine Soo

6. Not sure if that’s your best angle…

Via ok_girlfriend

“BUTT Zoomies” – Krazy Kanuck

7. Spot the angry cat

Via passiveagressivepetsReport

Does it still looks cute af or is it just me? Darn it, who hurt you?

8. They must know who the real queen is! It is I! The mighty caty


“We will bow down to you, our feline overlord.” – Raine Soo

9. Fits like a piece of puzzle


This kitty is mad that you moved the chair. PUT IT BACK

10. Probably a drug lord or a gangster reincarnated as a cat

Via DickKingSmith

There is no better explanation!

Ingrid had other ideas as well on how to take a good picture of your cat;

“Also use toys to get them to look in the direction you want! You can shake treats, click, make some sort of sound to get them to look at the camera. As far as keeping them calm, again, it’s about working with what they are naturally giving you rather than trying to force something … The answer is highly variable based on the cat, how well socialized to people they are, their experiences and bond with their human(s), etc. For some cats, they cannot get enough, for others, they approach and engage on their terms. Most cats prefer to control the interactions. Playing ‘hard to get’ is going to welcome the cat to approach you for affection. Cats have little interest in the human that wants to pick them up and smoother them with affection.”

11. Even though this cat is super cute, it should still be in a horror movie!


Via achebit

“Look at those eyes! This is a Halloween kitty.” Raine Soo

12. You’re mistaken, human…


I did not do this! I am innocent.

13. Cat-haired instead of cat-fished!

“That look on his face. It’s as if he’s wondering how that kitty is going to get down without scratching his scalp off.” – Cecilia Herrera 

14. What sun kissed actually is in real life!


“Our fur babies always look like angels when they’re sleeping. This one even showed you her halo.” – Cecilia Herrera

15. This cat probably thought; ‘the world needs more of me,’ And we actually agree!


Via supacasupercar

“Beats the heck out of the butt pictures from the office party.” – Kathryn Baylis

16. Well, here is a new type of flower.


“The void, peering out from the void.” – Raine Soo

17. Darn it! She almost got a nice picture!


But hey, this one with a smile ain’t so bad either!

18. Walk like you own the place


Making sure everything and everybody is where they are supposed to be

19. NOO! Hooman, how could you leave me so soon?

Who is going to feed me…

20. Everything is replaceable …

Via neko_no_bonbon

… By the cat.

She also explained how we, humans, need to have more acceptance for cats and love them for who they are. They will most certainly not be perfect pets and neither should we expect them to be.

Another thing Ingrid has enlightened us with is the fact that no matter the breed, you should spend at least 20 minutes with your cat each day. And be sure to look out for signs your cat might give you if he/she is craving for attention. Some of these signs might include them getting in your way whilst you’re trying to do something, jumping on your lap, following you around, constantly meowing, or trying to irritate you.


Via dumbricardo

We need to reward that person!

22. What have I gotten myself into…


Oh lord, how do I get out?

23. Taking if I fits, I sits to a whole new level!

Will never understand how they find such odd places so comfortable!

24. Okay, but, how and why?

Via MayMyEnemiesLiveLong

“if it fitz, i sitz.. Cat’s and plants its either one or the other..” – Krazy Kanuck

25. Like mother, Like daughter

Via Luciphyr729

“this just warmed my entire day :)))))” – qwerty

Well, guess we have all learned something today – to let cats do cats. No pun intended! I am definitely going to try Ingrid Johnsons new tips and tricks and see if they work! Meanwhile, if you have got some hidden tricks under your sleeve, why not share with us in the comments section below! Don’t forget you mention your favorite cat picture.


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