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15 Hysterical Tattoo Fails You Wouldn’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry At

Tattoos are most likely one of the oldest ways to express oneself. Since the image is permanent on a person’s skin, many people end up choosing their tattoos very carefully. The people in this collection, on the other hand, did not. And we don’t know whether to cry or laugh at it because we are really confused.


So what are you waiting for guys? See this weirdly amazing compilation of 15 tattoos. Make sure you guys watch it till the end, we are sure that you are going to laugh at it so hard.

1. When the artist is in playful mode and it makes your tattoo a joke for life xD

© bad__tattoo / instagram

2. Oh God, It was the winter that was coming, you know nothing John Snow


3. Say no to stocking or laces anymore


© lovegoldengirls / reddit

4. “Some guy tried to copy my tattoo artist’s work, nipple included!”


© samusxmetroid / reddit

5. Person: “You know I love Eminem and M&M’s, right?”

Tattoo artist: “Say no more!”


© unknown author / imgur

6. Hey tattoo artist I want to look luxurious, tattoo artist be like say no more I got you.


© omg_Enrico_Palazzo / reddit

Aren’t these tattoos hilarious and weird at the same time? You never know what you gonna get or what the tattoo artist has planned if you want to prevent this then you should know, that it is going to be permanent on your skin and you got to deal with it carefully because we don’t want your tattoo to be a joke too. Well we are thankful to these guys above who still embraced their tattoo flaw and decided to share it with us.

7. When you are confused about whether to tattoo john Lennon or Harry Potter


© ShitTats / twitter

8. When you have four eyes and people think you got two


© shhphoenix / reddit

9. This is where prophecy goes wrong


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