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38 Independent Cats With Jobs That Will Make You Proud

Cats have a bad reputation.

You will see dogs working alongside their humans in many fields. They work with cops, they are also working for security, dogs can be used for therapy treatment too. They take all the spotlight away from cats. Cats are famous for being lazy and sleeping all day. Yes, they can be lazy sometimes, but that does not mean they are useless and aren’t capable of holding a job. I mean, have you seen how strict cats can be? I’m sure they would do wonders if they were ever hired to do a job. What? Do you think cats can’t work? Well, think again! Not only can they work, but they are actually quite good at their work.

These people shared photos of cats at work that will finally clear the names of all felines who are brushed off as “lazy.” Cats are very intelligent and can achieve whatever they want. These cats will make you proud for sure. Scroll down below to see 38 cats with jobs:

Late Fee Enforcer


I wouldn’t want to be late with my fees if I have to face this guy.

Local Garden Store Cashier Is Employee Of The Month… Coworkers Blame Nepotism



That’ll be $12, please.

Looking To Protect Yourself, Or Deal Some Damage?



He probably knows a guy, who knows a guy.

Reviewer Score Booster



Why can’t I ever come across a pet at my AirBnbs?

Momma Mia Just Donated Blood To Save Another Kitty In The ICU, Because That’s What Heroes Do… And Also For Salmon



Anything for the salmon.

He Lied On His Resume, But Got The Job Anyway



He seems like a terrifying guard.

Fire Prevention Officer Max


Get him a firefighter’s jacket!

This Is The Only Employee I Would Need Anyway



You’ll probably get ignored by him.

Shout Out To Tiddles For Almost 20 Years Of Church Cat Service


What a dedicated catto!

Caught The Repair Man Sleeping On The Job



Stop slacking off! We have work to do.

Tailor Cat


He will make you look purr-fect!

George Is A Great Administrator



That’s a lot of wasted sheets. Are you sure he’s qualified?

The Elections Are In Good Hands


He’s got my vote.

Owner/Shop Manager For 14 Years



Layla Morgan Wilde, a cat expert says that cats can be trained to do a job just like dogs. “Cats are very trainable but methodology differs from dogs,” Layla told Bored Panda. “It requires patience and short daily training sessions. [Most cat owners can train them to] respond to basic commands like come, sit, stay. Some cats are more trainable than others and it’s easier with a younger cat.”

This Is Narco, The Cat At The Pharmacy I Work At. Instead Of Helping, He Just Rips Up Our Chairs And Sleeps All Day. Somehow, He Still Gets Paid The Most Though


The dream job.

My Dormitory Guards



You shall not pass!

Cat Helping Owner Sell Jewelry


“Certainly young kittens are highly energetic, but you can still encourage any cat to have a spring in their step by giving them a few minutes of interactive play several times a day,” the behaviour team at Cats Protection told Bored Panda. “Try using a fishing rod toy with some feathers and moving like speedy mouse dashing behind the furniture or up in the air like an erratic moth to see what sparks your cat’s interest. The most important thing is to make sure your cat is able to catch and ‘kill’ the toy. If they are teased with it, then they can get frustrated or bored.”

This Is “Lil’ Kim”. She Works At My Local Record Shop And Greets Every Customer. Last Time I Was In, I Kneeled Down To Pet Her And She Climbed Into My Arms And Made Me Carry Her During Most Of My Shopping Trip



She seems to like hip-hop.

The Security Guy In Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish people take their security very seriously.

Cat As Luxury Background



Who needs backgrounds when you’ve got a cat?

Lawyer Cat


Even though it is much more difficult to train a cat than a dog, it is not impossible. Cats are more independent creatures and they are not very fond of being told what to do. They can be extremely moody so you never know when they are in the mood to play and start training or when they want to take a nap. Cats can sleep up to 17 hours a day, so waking them up would probably be the first step to their training. “Despite popular belief, cats can actually be trained using positive reinforcement methods like clicker training (more common in dogs but can be applied to lots of different types of animals),” the experts at Cats Protection said. “The main difference is that you have to find a small treat that the cat really wants and training sessions are much shorter – often only a couple of minutes max.”

Scroll down below for more working cattos:

Professional Actor! Cactor? No?



Look at how she’s posing for the cameras!

The Whole Kitten Receptionist Team, Working Hard!


They seem to be exhausted!

Office Brochures Came In Today



This office probably has an amazing work environment.

Construction Worker Kitty


If cats can destroy things, they can build them too.

Our New Receptionist Started Today. I Feel Like She Lied About Her Experience On Her Resume



You should keep her.

Academe Cat Portraying For, And Proofreading Book


This would be me if I ever wrote a book.

This Is Lola. She Works At Lowe’s



Love her uniform.

Steve Loves All The Fresh Mountain Air He Gets With His Trucking Job. Your Freight Is In Good Paws With Him


What a magnificent catto.

The Kitten My Boyfriend Found While On A Job Now Works At The Flower Shop With My Mom



She is prettier than the flowers.

The Public Relations Officer At My University Campus


“I am Batman.”

Melon Cop



That little paw on the watermelon!

Today Mia Was A Blood Donor For A Tiny Kitten With Flea Anemia! As Payment, She Got Wet Food, A Tiny Bit Of Ice Cream, And The Entire Blood Bank Toy Bin


What a brave little catto.

How Are You Feeling Today?



I would die with the cuteness.

Head Of Security. His Name Is Portakal (Orange In Turkish) And He Loves Watching Security Footage


Making sure the “no dogs policy” is strictly followed.

Major Chivas – Cat Firefighter From Kyiv, Ukraine. He Has A Rank, A Uniform, And He Sleeps In A Paper Tray Inside The Chief’s Office



Bookstore Employee In Kaui’i


As they should.

Cat Hangs Around A Hospital For A Year, Ends Up Getting Hired As A Security Cat



What did you think of these adorable but serious working cattos? Do you think they can handle their jobs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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