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Influencer Demands Guy Stop Mid-Workout So She Can Record Video, He Stays As Long As Possible

This gym-goer was in the middle of a squat when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He had no understanding of what she wanted at first, but after stopping what he was doing and taking off his headphones, he began to piece it together and understood she was asking that he relocate so she could film a video. Redditor u/Striking-Stick-2355, who is the male who was squatting, started this thread on the r/AITA (Am I the A-Hole) subreddit. He’s wondering if his response to the influencer’s demands, which was to stay exactly where he was for as long as possible, was incorrect. The billboard explains that if someone approached him with kindness and respect, he would generally move for them. “Now, if someone comes to me with a positive attitude and asks if it’s okay for me to stop for a series or two so they can film or even switch machines,” u/Striking-Stick-2355 continues, “I wouldn’t mind and cooperate.”

u/Striking-reaction Stick-2355’s is a well-justified response from where we’re sitting, therefore this post could simply be reframed and uploaded to r/pettyrevenge. OP had to ask the sub Reddit AITA whether he did the right thing. Scroll down to see images of the thread and people’s reactions.


1. Here’s how the story starts. OP is very concerned about his gym time and do not want to give time to social media videos 

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2. When OP was doing squats at the gym one day, a woman comes being annoyed for him to stop the workout because she has to record herself during the exercise and he comes in the frame

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3. Because she came with an attitude, OP refused and asked her to record once he’s done. Afterwards he started doing all kinds of exercises which made the woman more angry

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Below are the comments of the Redditors who declared whether the act of our gym guy was NTA or TA. Don’t forget to scroll till end.

4. Seriously, gym should be thinking to make and implement such policies

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5. Thus declared NTA

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6. We all come to gym for workout and not to record ourselves, everyone should understand that

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7. This one really wants OP to go hard and complain about the lady to the management 

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8. It’s really common gym etiquette to wait for someone to get finished with the equipment

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9. Presenting you lowkey toxic gym culture

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10. Have you met with people with must video everything attitude?

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11. The audacity is that she not only asks for something inappropriate but also comes with an attitude

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12. That’s a good one

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13. Right on point

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14. Seriously, some people are all about making others see instead of actually doing things

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What are your thoughts on this story? Can you relate to any of this? Have you met with people who capture everything and find this behaviour problematic? Share your feedback on this one. Keep visiting us for more content.

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