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50 Times Internet Caught People Being Very Stupid

People must be very careful being stupid on the internet because all judgemental eyes are on them.

It does not come across as a surprise to any living being when a human does something very stupid, everyone is so used to it that when someone doesn’t do anything stupid everyone starts wondering if this person is okay or not. Holding a cup full of coffee and turning your wrist around to see time and ending up dropping the entire drink on your lap, pushing a pull door, or saying “You too” to a waiter who just wished you a good meal. And the best kind of human stupidity is people going online and posting something they believe is going to go viral and everyone’s going to love it but it ends up being so dumb and stupid. The funniest part is their confidence behind their online posts which makes the stupid a whole lot funnier.

I won’t lie to you guys, stupidity used to often go unnoticed when there was no internet, nowadays nothing is hidden, everyone is going to know what you did and you bet your bum they are going to laugh out loud at your dumbness.

Today we are going to enjoy some people being very stupid and being caught red-handed by none other than the internet itself.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. I think this guy needs to go back to school and take those science classes that he bunked in order to know which Marie Curie Elleen was talking about.

Via i_lean

2. He might have to hire his own disability advocate to resolve this matter.


Via rosshowalter

3. There we go, now they will learn to respect their employee’s requests.


Via tieshatwo

4. I hope he doesn’t think they are guiding the virus via a remote controller.


Via linguotgr

5. How about turning your gas stove on with a lighter and cooking the tea in 5 minutes? Oh, you would need brain cells for that.


Via lemonsarethekey

6. This parent was spotted in a costume at their kid’s costume parade at the school. He was probably absent the day they taught punctuations at school.


Via MrNoodleIncident

7. Ben Shapiro did a big oopsie!


Via benshapiro,ArgumentsValid

8. Oh my god you should’ve told the guy to claim the title of the coolest person on the planet.


Via bygollymolly12

9. Yeah, that explains the American mentality.


Via justinahorwitz

10. They certainly did, and that too with full confidence.


Via jxmesmxckey

11. Only anti-vaxxers can say something this stupid.


Via jessalyn

12. You must first become who you want to support in order to support it/them.

Via ashstfu

13. I hate it when parents are this restrictive killing the exposure before any of it began to exist.


Via mhdksafa

14. You absolute mental zero. I like that one.

Via laurenboebert,SevWinters

15. I feel sorry for these people.


Via BIkMamba

16. Guess who really embarrassed themselves under a tweet that had about 200k likes?

Via StephenKing,3yearletterman

17. It was at this moment, the stupid learned something new.


Via Vendruscolo

18. I don’t think they understand how HIV works.

Via Suitable-Recording95

19. Nature rick-rolled her ex-boyfriend.


Via Bingbon02415540

20. Some questionable movements all around.

Via WarmmLemmon

21. I mean the wage gap is also a lady problem, according to some ladies.


Via Icedtorch

22. During the COVID days, a customer called to ask if the staff was maintaining a good social distance with their sandwiches and this is how they showed them that they are.

Via lachary1234

23. Jesus is the only option people.


Via benlewismedia

24. Sir, you need to work on that decision-making but I guess it is too late now.

Via thedaviddrake

25. How can you live in a house for 2 years and not know what is behind all those cupboards?


Via tommyhale91,martinmeany

I swear you cannot make this stuff up. This is so hilarious and I am so happy people shared these experiences on the internet so everyone could get a kick out of it. Really need this type of hilarity on a daily basis in today’s time. But man, it really does make you think how can someone be this stupid until you become part of the clan and never question their dumbness ever again.

Let’s enjoy some more hilarious stories of people being very stupid.

26. They ordered the thing twice and still didn’t realize the glass had a protective coat on it that needs to be removed in order for it to become usable.

Via meiriceanach

27. I am glad this person learned it the hard way for us to learn it the easy way.

Via mannysoloway

28. They have been purchasing bay leaves from the market when there was an entire bay tree outside their house. This person had been living there for more than a year.


Via Gustifer05

29. Solution to all life problems.

Via adamamericana

30. Maam, stop. The whole world is watching.

Via TruStoryz

31. That’s not even the congressmen/women, that’s the British parliament.


Via thebusiestbee2

32. Well, they finally know what the challenge was.

Via shakespork

33. I would suggest they use google translate for Tio and finally rest.

Via simbaki

34. Oof, I feel sorry for you Andy. That one must’ve pinched.


Via ItsAndyRyan

35. I actually cannot believe this.

Via marcirobin

36. I hope they will learn how to better depict what people are actually trying to say, from now on.

Via LuciusCalSulla,huwlemmey

37. They will now always look at themselves before taking on someone else.


Via snkjns92

38. Billionaires don’t deserve all those zeros.

Via nataleebfitness

39. I think they are.

Via alawiabdul

40. How did a senator tweet that kind of stuff?


Via jemelehill

41. A concrete driveway magical appeared in front of this person’s house one day and when the constructor came back to see if the house owner was satisfied, they realized they made it for the wrong house.

Via purple-circle

42. Either he is very funny or very dumb.

Via oldirtyjack

43. They all had decided to dress as Dominoes. One of them thought they were talking about Domino’s Pizza.


Via Stuck_in_a_depo

44. That’s the whole reason why Getty images exist, sir.

Via almostlucy

45. Woman saw Sean Connery with a crowd around him taking pictures so she decided to squeeze in and got a picture with him. That person was not Sean Connery and that crowd was his family, not the fans.

Via khelektinmir

46. Miss. Mary, I think you are too innocent for this world.


Via sharon9052

47. Never go into an interview thinking you have no right to say what you want.

Via fencheeks

48. Oh dear, imagine the scenes.

Via trevorgrogers

49. I can bet this person failed Geography in high school.

Via SpinalElephant

50. I hope he played along.

Via Kevinkavanagh0

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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