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Women Shared The Dumbest Things That’s Ever Been Mansplained To Them (50 Pics)

Never assume you’re smarter than the other person.

From what I’ve learned, you should always assume that the other person has something to teach you before you really get to know them. This not only helps you be more polite and courteous but also opens up new horizons for you. After all, we as humans should be always willing to learn. And gender never comes into play when it comes to knowledge.


Now, this may sound great but the sad fact is, many people do bring gender into education. Many people love to think they know better than other people. Especially if that other person is a woman. I have no idea why mansplaining even started but it is quite apparent in many professional settings. I am sure most women have experienced this and as have I many times over.

So when one person asked Twitter users to share their own experiences with mansplaining, people had a lot to say.

#1 Maybe he needed reassurance that HE was doing it right?


#2 Has he had an IUD?

#3 I really hope he doesn’t have a hot pocket in his life.

#4 I sometimes really wish guys could give birth.


#5 If he had eaten, he would have vomited.

#6 Windows are so hard to use for women.

#7 I must be a guy then.

#8 If only this is how it worked.


#9 He probably has some memory issues.

#10 He has to be joking, right?

#11 Who was the one who thought this was a great idea?


#12 He definitely pushed all her buttons.

#13 I’ve never heard an automatic gun before but even I know this.

#14 Some people just love arguing.

#15 Maybe he was just uncomfortable?


#16 I never would have thought people in the Navy would be so dumb.

#17 How can a woman know how a pump works.

#18 I sure hope he is your EX-boyfriend now.


#19 I really want to groan with frustration right about now.

#20 They must be really experienced with bras then

#21 Don’t you just love when people call you attention seeking?


#22 If you can’t do it yourself, step aside.

#23 People really can’t be this dumb right?

#24 I mean it is very self-explanatory.


#25 He should go back to school.

#26 I’ve experienced this so many times.

#27 Don’t you just love it when people think they know your name better than you?


#28 Of course women don’t know how to turn on the lights.

#29 That was two years too long.

#30 And this how you win the Nobel prize of being dumb.

#31 This is just sad.

#32 If only he knew what catcalling felt like.

#33 I don’t think he understood anything.

#34 This is just taking it to a whole new level.

#35 She didn’t ask for your help though?

#36 Thank the heavens, we have a man who can explain OUR bodies to us.

#37 No sh*t sherlock.

#38 You really should keep your mouth shut if you don’t know any better.

#39 I really want to know what she had to say.

#40 It’s not it is in the name.

#41 Ah yes, the ‘correct’ way.

#42 Did he think she didn’t know how to swipe a card?

#43 That’s what the traffic lights are there for.

#44 Help first, mansplain later maybe?

#45 He was clearly not paying attention to anything you said.

#46 He deserved it though.

#47 Well it is a sort of a compliment?

#48 Her body, her choice. End of discussion.

#49 And yet he thinks he knows better.

#50 He might have himself forgot how they work.

Have you ever experienced mansplaining? If so why not share your story in the comments below?


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