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Karen Thinks Employee Is Cutting The Line, Gets Humbled Instantly

There’s an entire subreddit dedicated to “I Don’t Work Here, Lady” or IDWHL for short. In this subreddit, people tell stories of angry, unmanageable customers confusing other customers as employees and then berating them for nonsensical things as if they were somehow responsible. Usually, it involves someone getting mad at another customer for something, and them just trying to convince them that they don’t work there.


The story for today is a little bit different. Instead of the typical “I don’t work here”, this is in fact a “I work here” kind of story. Now you might be wondering what could that possibly entail, but you’d be surprised. This lady prevented someone from going to work because they thought they were a customer. A real weird spin on the “I Don’t Work Here” genre for sure.

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It’s quite a popular post

Went to that same chain with my Mother last Friday. They let me in for the senior hours because I’m with her. We were early, waited in line a bit, doors open, in we’re marching and……..There’s a short line of people standing to the side with carts. One of the senior shoppers asks the guy in front of that line what they’re waiting for and the guy rolls his eyes and says (with a little sarcasm and frustration but only a little) “We’re not 60”.

I don’t get it – I know the senior hours vary by location but there are signs outside, it’s on the locations web page and the senior hours at that location are where they open an hour earlier than normal opening time. I guess people just look it up, see 8:30am and don’t stop to see if there are restrictions on that – then they blame the store somehow.

And she talks about her husbands career


I though the not-60 guy was annoyed at the senior citizen for asking a stupid question and maybe implying there was something wrong with them all waiting until the seniors are done. Not necessarily mad at the store. I would have been. Bad enough that it’s generically annoying to have forgotten or not known the senior hours, but then to have this bozo saying “what are you waiting for?”

I can totally see someone not knowing about the senior hour—I never read newspaper ads, certainly not for a store I go to regularly. And I’d rather just wait. Or people may have a pattern to their errands (drop spouse at work, get groceries on the way home).

The manager had to intervene


I had the same kind of issue when I worked at a large toy store. On Black Friday I couldn’t get into the building before they opened because of the line of rowdy parents waiting to pounce on the must-have-toy of the year as soon as the doors opened. I finally saw a coworker with his uniform (Orange Vest) that led me through the crowd. That was the last time I left my vest in my locker at work.

It was poetic justice


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