An Odd Combination Of Large Dudes In Love With Tiny Kittens That Works Perfectly

Love comes in all shapes and sizes.

There are two things that I am going to say that anyone who goes by these two statements will always agree with them. Firstly, you can find love in any shape, size, creature, or form. Secondly, no one can hate cats. I want to sit on a chair put a table in front of me and put a “prove me wrong” sign in front, just like that famous meme. The thing about love is that it has no criterion. It’s a feeling that everyone can feel. You just have had your heart open and love will do the rest. We have seen white people marry black, we have seen cross-religion marriages, we have seen tall people marry short people, and we have seen an older woman marry a younger woman. The point I am trying to make over here is that we have seen stereotypes break. And we are about to see another stereotype break which brings me to my second point that is no one can hate cats. It is a cemented fact. Cats have the power to enchant anyone into loving them. And the cycle always works that way. They make you love them, they make you adopt them, they are always the rulers and I don’t have a problem with that. Now, generally, we don’t associate big, tall, tough men with little animals. The combination just doesn’t go well. You would want to see a big man hugging a lion, right? You would never see a big man hugging a kitten like a baby, right? Wrong! In today’s post, we are going to break this stereotype that big men don’t love little animals by showing you this adorable compilation of these dudes deeply in love with the tinniest kittens.


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1. You really want to believe someone so big can have a heart for someone so small but you are seeing it and it is very true.

Via Coob6531

2. This retired marine had always had the heart for dogs until one day he saw a kitten and that changed his views about cats forever. He is in love with his little feline.


Via u/GigantapenisaurusRex

3. He never thought he would ever fall in love with a cat until one day this one climbed on his leg and moved all the way up to his shoulder through his back. It didn’t want to leave and he didn’t want it to go. He adopted her and named her “Dog”.


Via u/Hoy_Outdoors

4. They brought this little one home and this is the shoulder it decided to choose as her favorite.


Via u/heidnseak

5. You don’t see a big dude kiss a kitten every day. Cherish this.


Via u/Strawberry_jess

6. Oh yes, love really does come in all shapes and sizes.


Via u/yourthing666

7. He says their cat is the worst pet they have gotten while he smiles as his best friend chills on his shoulder giving him the evil eyes.


8. He required companionship but not a cat. They forced a cat upon him and he got everything he ever wanted…including unlimited love.


Via u/sunflowerdynasty

These images are beyond cute. I mean, mostly you are going to see the men deep in their sleep but the couple looks cute and the combination works well for me. I love that these big dudes don’t think what the others would say and enjoy life the way they want to. And trust me, chilling with a kitten is the best way to enjoy life. One more thing that I love about these images and the stories is that these people themself say they never thought they would fall in love with a cat. That’s how pure a cat’s love is. I know we all joke about them enchanting us with their magical powers but once you spend some time with a cat, you will see that there is no life without a cat.

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9. He didn’t want his wife to foster the kittens because he was concerned she would get attached to them. Turns out, he got super attached and decided to adopt all 3 of them.


Via u/imasauceygirl

10. “Boyfriend didn’t want a kitten. He relented during quarantine because he was an essential worker and I was alone by myself most days. Now they’re cuddle buddies.”


Via u/EJtheChosenOne

11. “Kolache and I were told to drop by.”

Via u/AlarminglyPassive

12. “My wife says all 3 of us are cute.”


Via u/liftNswim

13. “Was told I should post this here.”

Via u/Dwoobi

14. “Her cuteness is unmatched.”


Via u/ValuedCarrot

15. “No. I don’t want to hold a kitten.”‘

Via u/meet_the_dean

16. “My boyfriend and our kitty. They steal my phone to take cute photos. Without me.”


Via u/sllsa

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. To how many of you this came across as something new? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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