20 Inspiring Adoption Stories To Warm Your Heart

Adopt, don’t stop.

Adoption is such an amazing act. You are helping yourself out because you require a companion to live with and you help the adopted out by providing them with a new shot at life, by getting them to know love still exists and there is a lot of hope still out there. Animal adoption comes with a lot of responsibility. First of all, you must be well aware of the kind of animal you are adopting. If it is a cat, you must at least be aware of the basics just you don’t face any trouble when that animal is in trouble. After all, adopting is like being a parent, you are taking on the responsibility like that of having a child. It is huge. And it brings its huge joys with it. If you ask any superhero who has adopted an animal regarding that decision, they would say it was the best thing they ever did and will ever do. Those animals return the favor of love almost ten folds and fill their owners’ lives with happiness, entertainment, and so much more love.

One more part about adoption that I particularly love is the adoption story. The way that animal got adopted and turned into a pet living its happiest life at its forever home. There is something so special and heartwarming about it that inspires you to do such a thing one day and keep the chain going. The stories often give you a sense of what that pet had been through in its past and that does make you sad a little but the overall happiness and satisfaction from the fact that those animals are happy to now be where they always wanted to take the sadness away quite easily.

Today we will be taking a look at some of the best adoption stories to make you fall in love with animals all over again and more importantly, to make you want to adopt more and more animals.

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1. “Meet Beezlebubs. A few weeks ago we heard him crying outside. Naturally, we meowed back. He came running. I think he likes his new home.”


Via u/sugarmagnolia__

2. “Today we adopted 5-month-old brother and sister from a local rescue…..they told us it could take a few weeks for them to acclimate and become friendly. They are sandwiched between us and purring like motorboats. I think they dig it here.”


Via u/reforminded

3. “My neighbor put this kitten in a bush at my apartment complex and left it to die because it was sick and she didn’t want it. I found it and took him to the vet and decided to keep him. I can’t wait to see him healthy. I named him Scar”


Via u/teambmth

4. “After the overwhelming support I got I realized older cats get adopted less than I thought. Here is 12-year-old Hermes who has lived in the shelter for six years. The lady started crying in joy when I said I wanted him.”


Via u/Bloodyfaucet

5. “Became a dog owner yesterday. Glad to be part of the community! This is Snoop!”


Via u/JeannieRyan

6. “Meet my new friend Max!”


Via u/owwwwwo

7. “My boyfriend and I recently adopted this big boy. He’s 2!”

Via u/Ladadidadadida

8. “A lifelong dog person, I now understand the hype about cats. Meet my first cat, Max.”


Via u/vvwhit

9. “Y’all I got a little kitten and he hasn’t grown into his tail yet so it curls around his legs I’m obsessed with him”

Via u/gihannalikowski

10. “We picked up this little guy today, but I can’t decide on a name. Any suggestions?”


Via u/b_eemster

I think you wouldn’t disagree with me if I say these are one of the cutest creatures to grace the face of our planet. And the fact that some of these animals were abandoned, and were found as stray just breaks my heart so much. They never deserved a life like the one they had to spend. It is so unfortunate. And what is even more heartwrenching is the fact that the wrongdoings of their previous owners made these animals stop trusting all humans in general. Even the good ones who cherish animals all day long got thrown under the bus.

I am so glad that now these animals are happy and are giving human beings another shot. Trust us, cuties. Not all of us are terrible.

11. “Question!! I found this cat 2-3 days ago…”

Via u/MiaFerret

12. “Everyone adopts kittens, I adopted this 10-year-old boy so his last days were not in a cage.”


Via u/Bloodyfaucet

13. “I found this cute kitty outside my house, decided to keep it. Can you share any tips? I’ve only had dogs”

Via u/cestlavieperros

14. “I just got my first ever cat today”


Via u/LavaLampWax

15. “My wife brought home a cute new friend, yesterday. We’re at a loss as to what to name him. Any suggestions?”

Via u/lovablehappyfellow

16. “My first kitty, didn’t realize how much I could love her.”


Via u/medicateover

17. “We were looking to adopt an older cat who needed spoiling. Ended up with Gerald, an FIV+ 5-year-old who was found as a stray. Spoiling commenced”

Via u/JMyers666

18. “This is Jane, my Wife found her in a parking lot alone running from cars. This is her second night with us in her forever home”


Via u/FrontlineTrace

19. “New kitten! Any cool name suggestions?”

Via u/Najem514

20. “This girl sat right in the middle of the road when the light turned green. She stopped and gave us no choice but to take her back home. We went back to find no owner there.”


Via u/LaiSaLong

We absolutely love animals warming our hearts day in and day out. I really hope you guys had a touching experience viewing this.

Please do share your thoughts about adopting pets in the comments section down below and let us know your favorite story out of the lot as well.

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