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40 Enlightening Less-Known Facts About Animals That Will Surprise You

Animal cuteness and facts should go hand in hand.

I don’t believe it is fair to the animal if you only credit it for how it looks and not for the amazing capabilities, characteristics, or tricks that they carry up their sleeves. It is very important to be knowledgeable about an animal you like or wish to adopt. It only makes sense! Nw we do know a lot of facts about a lot of animals but there are some lesser-known facts that are way more interested and would instantly get you invested in that animal. And you don’t have to worry about Googling every single one, there’s a whole subreddit thread associated with it. r/Awwducational is a subreddit for you if you are looking for both wholesome animals and some super scientific facts about them that will leave that jaw dropped.


The fact thread was born on November 8, 2012, and has gained 3,000,000 followers every since. Their purpose is simple; state animal facts.

We’ve compiled the best 40 for you guys to enjoy! Keep an “Aww” counter on because you are going to say that a lot.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

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1. This is an American Kestrel, also known as a Sparrow Hawk. They are known to be the smallest and most known falcon in North America.


2. When orphaned baby bats are rescued, they are wrapped in warm blankets to make them feel like they’re being embraced by their mother’s wings.



3. This African Grey Parrot, Ales, is the only known animal to have asked the existential question which is “What color am I?”


OstentatiousSock,Arlene Levin Rowe

4. Fun fact: Red Pandas can stand on their hind legs to make themselves appear alpha and larger.



5. Ever seen your dog sneeze while it’s playing? That is to tell other dogs that they are playing and not being aggressive!


Ravenclaw_14,American Kennel Club

6. Rollie Pollies remove heavy metal from soil to protect groundwater.



7. There are only 3000 Pygmy Hippos left in the wild. They are highly endangered The San Diego Zoo bred one for the first time in over 30 years. Meet 2-month-old Pygmy Hippo, Akobi.



8. Secretary Birds are known for their legs. Their single kick carries a force of 195 Newtons.

They are also famous for their extremely gorgeous and long eyelashes!


misanthrophile1,Scientific AmericanReport


petdog347,Grégory Breton

10. The Southern Viscacha spend most of their day grooming, sunbathing, and resting altogether. They are a species of rodent and are native to Peru, Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia.


I think I have found my spirit animal. It’s the good old Viscacha!


11. Black-Footed Cat, scientifically known as Felis Nigripe, is famous for being the smallest cat in Africa. It weighs only up to 5 pounds and can hunt prey larger than itself.

Big bombs always come in small packages.


12. Capybara’s are known for being very social. They easily get along with animals like dogs, llamas, chickens, cats, turtles, ducks, and rabbits.


Such a friendly animal, I love it!


13. Here’s another very sociable animal, a pig. They love making friends and are very intelligent as well, especially the Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs.


14. Believe it or not, Manatees have no natural predators and they can also peacefully co-exist with alligators too.


That is so crazy!

themflyingeyes,Swimming with the manatees

15. Seals do this pose whenever they feel safe and comfortable. They also raise their flippers and head into the air to regulate their body temperature.

I wish I had that temperature regulation ability as well. This summer was really tough.


16. Mangalica is a pig species that looks very much like a sheep. They are the only pig species to have a long wool coat.



17. Rescuers teach Wolverines to help them rescue avalanche survivors. A Wolverine will always be a hero, be it real life or X-Men.

Logan’s soul is still alive.

skyfall91404,Nat Geo WIld

18. This animal is known as an Aardvark. They play a crucial role in preventing animal deaths from wildlife fires.



19. Don’t let their size distract you from the fact that Elephant Shrews are more closely related to elephants than the Shrews.

Reddit, wikipedia

20. Ravens can imitate human speech and they are really good at it. Kinda cool, kinda creepy.



I am so glad to know these facts. I legit didn’t even know a single one of them. That dog sneezing one was actually kinda super coo like my eyes opened wide. They all have their own ways and we shall respect them all.

I am loving these unique facts and I hope you guys are too. Scroll down below to continue!

21. Axolotl, famously known as ‘Water Monster’ or ‘Mexican Walking Fish’ has a shiny tail and face that looks like it is always smiling. They are native to Mexico.


22. Australian Raptors like this Black Kite have been found to intentionally cause and spread wildfires.

They do so by carrying burnt branches to the unburnt areas. Apparently, it is a tradition.



23. Due to high bone density and weight, Hippos can’t swim. They usually just walk or bounce off of the ground to travel underwater.


24. Birds love using all the dog hair they shed to create nests.



26. This is an Australian Echidna. The are very special as they are one of the only 2 mammals that lay eggs.



27. King Cheetahs are known for their unique appearance caused by a recessive gene. Owing to the mutation, they have three black stripes that run down from their neck to the tail, and the coat is marked with large spots.


They look so damn majestic. Those strips do the job!


28. Chrysocyon Brachyurus or the Maned Wolf is the largest canid in South America. Their markings make them look like a fox but they are not. It’s the species of a Golden Dog!


29. The coolest California Ground and Rock Squirrels defend themselves against rattlesnakes by chewing on old snakeskins and using all the mush to disguise themselves by licking and applying them on their fur.


Stealth: 100


30. This is a Mountain Gorilla. There are only about 600 to 900 of them left in the world. (according to various sources)


31. Elephants are very empathetic and equally intelligent as well. This social animal has a very spontaneous problem-solving behavior.

cheekypuns,plos one

32. Beavers are known for chewing through woods. That is made possible by the high level of iron in their teeth and that also makes their teeth look orange.


saskatoonbaldguy,Mc Gill

33. Pallas’ Cat who is mainly found in Central Asia is famous for having the longest and most dense fur out of all the cat species in the world.


34. When penguins get too hot, they stick their legs out to regulate their temperature and cools them off.

Ravenclaw_14,penguins international

35. Chinese Mountain Cat is one of the rarest cat wild cats in the world.



36. Aardwolves feed on 200,000 termites every day.


37. These are Goldcrests, the smallest birds in Europe. They only weigh 1/100th of a pound.


38. It takes at least 5 years for a Bald Eagle to et that white head they are famously known for.



39. Marine Iguanas are very good friends with Lava Lizards. They often lay on the Iguana’s back to hunt flies.

Reddit, wikipedia,wikipedia

I really hope you guys enjoyed these facts. Enlightenment is always a good thing. Do share your thoughts in the comments section.


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