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People Are Sharing The Biggest Lessons Employment Has Taught Them

Continuous learning is a lifelong process. It would be the end of life if we stopped learning new things. Furthermore, one of the features that distinguish people from animals is the ability to learn. As a result, we – humans – often struggle to learn new things to the point of exhaustion. However, it’s not necessary to go to school or university to study because life itself is the finest teacher. Nobody will ever be able to replace such a fantastic teacher. After all, we’re convinced that you’ll emerge victoriously. And you’ll be astonished at how useful the information you gain is in your daily life. There is no one that can claim that he didn’t learn from life. Life teaches everyone.

Several months ago a Twitter user named angelamavalla asked the online community ” What is the biggest lesson employment has taught you?”, and the thread was full of hundreds of answers from different people. So here at Defused, we have collected those best ones from this thread for you and you only. Scroll down below to check these amazing lessons. Feel free to share your opinions too.

Source: angelamavalla

1. I totally agree with this, what do you think?


Source: _Jaystime

2. Someone here speaking facts, what do you think?


Source: lexiecami

3. Chilling with friends and family there’s no comparison


Source: brooksbannister

4. That’s a good advice if you look up to it


Source: Proper_Pateela

5. Hahaha bitter truths


Source: travmason

6. The reward for good work is more work, it is too much accurate


Source: sillyarmerie

7. It is totally normal to go at work, do your job, get paid and go home


Source: olorunwababs

8. I mean what’s the point to work if you have no interest?


Source: juma_mukosi

9. You are supposed to work and get your pay, no one cares for you


Source: DearBlueEarth

10. Can someone explain this, please!?

Source: Redhotmoon77\

11. Do you agree with this?


Source: Marnerbanana

12. Take it as a free advice

Source: whatsupwithmaia

13. Wait are you an engineer too?


Source: sweetthesour

14. Physical and mental health shouldn’t be cooperated at all

Source: sitshaEsihle1

15. We believe in equality


Source: kyahjewel

16. What are your thoughts on this?

Source: MadisonKittay

17. If they are treating you like garbage just quit, there are a lot of jobs who are finding a potential candidate just like you


Source: DavonSwan

18. This guy is speaking truth

Source: jobseekerscreed

19. Hahaha, this man just solved everyone’s problem


Source: Danger_Mike

20. Alway do things that makes you happy that’s all

Source: caisely

21. Couples of lessons here


Source: Four6Three1Two

22. HR is there to protect the company not you

Source: Jesuonyem

23. Learn how to enjoy life


Source: 1stgenYolee

24. What do you think about this?

Source: Asessoh

25. Above and beyond is what the owners should be doing


Source: ElqueNoNacio

These lessons above are some of the biggest lessons employment has taught these users. Just always remember you are a human, not a robot so you need to take care of your health and not just stick up to work. You should always know when something is affecting you. Always remember how to enjoy life, there is a pretty big world outside there waiting for you.

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