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10 Tweets By Pet Owners That Show Life With Pets Is Full of Fun

Life with pets is much more fun than you think.

Nothing compares to living with pets and you would only know this once you adopt the pets and actually start living with them. Pets are lovely and full of fun. They are innocent at first. They would not get along with you in the first days but slowly, they would develop a loving relationship with you. And, that is when they will uncover. That is when they will show you their true colors. And that is when they will show you their mischievous side. You have no idea how naughty they can get. You will come back home to a mess. They would drop the clothes on the floor, tear all the paper towels and pee on the floor. And, you can do nothing about it. Literally nothing. How can you scold a cute face? It’s not possible. Well, you will get used to all of it once you start living with pets. Not only are pets mischievous but they are also full of love and care for their humans.


Today, we have 10 tweets by pet owners that shows life with pets is full of fun. So, scroll down and enjoy!

1. Dog: Human, are you sick? Why are you eating just salad?

© IDontSpeakWhine / Тwitter

2.  “I found a smaller/softer alternative to the cone my cat has to wear after chewing all the fur off his arms from stress and you deserve to see it:”


© MarielAshlinn / Тwitter

Well, she looks mad at you. Cat: Human, how can you just make me wear a cone of shame? I know, it looks cute but it feels the same.

3. TADA!! From one hamster to 14 hamsters in just one night:


© Ok_lahoma / Тwitter

4. “my dog is truly obsessed with me. he just likes to follow me everywhere and stare.”


© breadxbrujeria / Тwitter

This doggo is so cute. Someone has groomed him so well.

5. When your neighbors hear you saying “bye, babe, love you”:


© jlulix / Тwitter

Once you start living with pets, you share a loving relationship with your pets. You talk to them and treat them like your significant other. Well, what else can you do when you have a pet? Your first and foremost priority is your pet, right? As soon as they will realize, you are going out for work, they will make an innocent face to blackmail you. And, trust me, it will work. You would have to explain it to them where you are going and when will you be back or tell them “bye, babe, love you”.

6. When you always wonder why your laundry ends up on the floor:


© memesiwish / Тwitter

Here is the real culprit.

7. “how can i be mad at my dog.. he left me a heart”


© ihavenotiddies / Тwitter

Make a mess but make it in a way that your human can’t get mad at you.

8. You explain it to him everyday but whenever you’ll come back home, he’ll give you that angry look as if you left without telling him:


© citizenkawala / Тwitter

9. “Had to go out to do shopping. Came home to find Syd pulled my jeans into his cat bed to snuggle into like he does when I am home. Too cute.”


© thesnackpak / Тwitter

Now that you are home, you should give him some warm snuggles.

10. Now I know the oil was natural and works like a magic:


© chertovka00 / Тwitter

Are you a pet owner? How would you explain your relationship with your pet? Also, comment down to let us know if your life with pets is full of fun or not?


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