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15 Tweets That Hilariously Depict How Living With A Toddler Is Really Like

Being a parent is a tough job where you have to go through different phases. But life becomes full of surprises after going through these phases of parenthood, from taking care of newborns to entering into the wonderful world of toddlerhood where you have to answer millions of silly questions. There’s no doubt that this phase of childhood is one of the best, most joyous, and fun. With their innocence and a chunk of happiness, these children bring so much delight and brilliant colors into our lives. Parents of toddlers are well aware that this period also comes with new challenges that make them unsure whether to laugh or cry.

The internet is full of hilarious blogs, posts, and even books that tell you how wonderful and gratifying it is to be a parent. But this time, you will read some hilarious tweets shared by parents who have had enough of their toddlers being mischievous and amusing. So, we’ve put together this incredible collection of thoughtless entertainment that will guarantee to make your day full of laughs!

Check out these amazing tweets shared by strangers on the internet!

1. Yes, they do resemble a massive cauliflower.

Via  Chhapiness / Twitter

2. This girl really knows the biggest life lesson at this age. It’s so true that life is more important than anything else. 

Via  LizerReal / Twitter

3. Maybe this is why cereals aren’t available in cube form.

Via  RodLacroix / Twitter

4. Kids are innocent!

Via © reallifemommy3 / Twitter

5. Welcome to parenting level 100!

Via© HenpeckedHal / Twitter

6. Spirit weeks are always fun. 

Via RodLacroix / Twitter

7. We all wished the same, little man. 

Via  chelseaperetti / Twitter

The beautiful part of being a parent to these young ones is watching them grow and slowly become more independent as they grow older. But, yeah, these toddlers bring long sleepless nights, hectic routines, and a plethora of amusing memories.

Laughter and parenting memes have the ability to make even the most difficult situation appear less difficult. In the world of parenting, funny parenting memes are humorous little jokes that everyone going through the process of becoming a parent would find relevant and completely hilarious.

Keep scrolling down to check out some more funny parenting tweets!

8. That amazing feeling when your kid asks you to finish their food. Because their food tastes so delicious. 

Via mom_tho / Twitter

9. This tactic never gets old. 

Via XplodingUnicorn / Twitter

10. This girl knows how to smartly ask for a pie.  

Via Dad_At_Law / Twitter

11. Perks of being a parent!

Via  mommajessiec / Twitter

12. Logic, what logic? We don’t need any freaking logic. 

Via HenpeckedHal / Twitter

13. Innocent Lil Prankster. 

Via threetimedaddy / Twitter

14. Its always worth it getting off the couch

Via dad_on_my_feet / Twitter

15. Want to know the next part of this tweet. 

Via TheCatWhisprer / Twitter

And here’s a BONUS tweet for you’ll.

Via mommajessiec / Twitter

What is the most amusing and hilarious parenthood event that makes you laugh when you think about it? We would love to hear your funny parenting story. Don’t forget to share it in the comments area below!


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