Man Wakes Up And Finds A Stray Dog in His Living Room

A 4 a.m. wake-up is common when you have a 1-month-old baby at home. But Jack Jokinen didn’t anticipate his wife waking him up by claiming that their home has a dog. My wife abruptly woke me up from sleep and informed me that the baby was fine. nonetheless, we have a puppy,” Jokinen declares. I was obviously quite bewildered. Jokinen instantly located a tiny lab mix in his living room after rushing down the stairs. He was curious about the stray dog’s presence in the house, but when he observed that all the windows and doors are securely closed, the answer to that question was completely obscured.

The first thing Jokinen says he thinks is, “There had to be someone in our house.” So I do a security check to ensure that nobody is hiding in closets or any other such places. And after I’m done, I wonder, “How did this happen? A magical canine?

He was reviewing the security camera footage when he noticed himself and his 2-year-old dog George coming home after a walk the previous evening. Jokinen shut the front door after they entered, but it failed to latch. That caused the door to blow open wide later that evening when heavy winds hit.

The dog, whom we’ve named Suzy, can then be seen on the video at 3:16 stopping outside of our house, according to Jokinen. She kind of paused while outside in the rain and cold before entering the house.


Suzy is seen here ascending the stairs.


A man drove by the residence around 30 minutes later and noticed the door was open. After checking inside to make sure everything was okay, he shut the door. Suzy stayed the night most likely due to the fact that “he didn’t know there was a dog in the house that wasn’t ours.”


The dog was dried off by Jokinen and his wife, who also tried to make her comfortable. Because they believed the dog would not gain anything from the system, they decided against calling animal control: She was underweight, had disorganised teeth, and was only able to stand on three legs without a collar, according to Jokinen. “We reasoned, ‘Who knows what will happen if we just drop this puppy off?'”

They made the decision to take Suzy to the doctor, where they were shocked to learn that this “puppy” was actually nearly nine years old. Suzy was plagued by fleas and ticks, had dental problems, and a paw infection. The couple decided to keep her nonetheless.


“We made the decision that, out of all the negative outcomes possible from leaving your door unlocked in the dead of winter in a major metropolis, the best outcome would be to have a cute dog that was rescued from the streets. We must at least attempt this “Jokinen opined.

Suzy’s photo was posted by Jokinen, and it instantly went viral. The family received donations totaling $15,000 to assist in covering the elderly dog’s medical costs.

He even managed to track out the person who had lovingly closed his door that evening.


Now, Suzy is content.


Now, Suzy is warm, well-fed, and safe. She finally found a home.

“We’re able to do all this in a big part thanks to the generosity of the internet,” Jokinen says “In a way, this isn’t our dog — it’s the internet’s dog.” Share your thoughts on this.

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