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23 Hilarious Cat People Vs Dog People Dog Tweets That All Pet Owners Can Relate To

This can become a world war. The debate of Cat vs. Dog is just too subjective in my opinion. While some love the sassy-ness of cats, others do not. While some adore the loyalty of dogs, some find them clingy. It all varies from person to person at the end of the day and who you chose according to your likes or dislikes. I prefer myself to be more of a Dog person. But that varies from individuals to individuals.

Dogs have their own unique traits and personalities that are adored by millions of being pure and loyal. On the other hand, Cats just have different ways to show their affection. In ways, we cannot even imagine.

As long as they bring the happy vibes and a sense of togetherness at home, it’s best to stick to the pet you actually like and look forward to making them into big decent animals. But even so, we should not be hating or dislike any animal just for the sake of it! They are all cute and adorable!

Nonetheless, the debate still goes on and we’ve got some tweets from doggo and catto people! Scroll down to check them out

1. You are a dumb person, if you pick sides, let us be clear about it.

Via @SethEverman

2. He does seem to have, quite a valid point.

Via @simonsinek

Dogs could be the best human version, that is the ultimate truth. Cats can only be accepted as cats.

3. Dogs are too pristine while cats’ breeds are rather not so difficult to find. Is that what you are saying?

Via @wokedrugguy

4. Purring is the cutest thing on the planet,

Via @justcaem

the vibrating voice has some admiration qualities to it for sure.

5. That is too much responsibility put upon the poor pets,

Via @TomKilianArt

they just are too tiny for rescuing humans.

6. Rejection or Sassy, that’s another debate, on its own.

Via @DenisHolton

Cats have to sit on their throne.

7. It’s the different perceptions of people, not the animals’ fault.

Via @TheWeirdWorld

They just wanna play.

8. Dog people are ultimate dog lovers and have no space for other species.

Via @paperbeatstweet

While cat people have no room for any other homo sapiens.

9. Cats like to do their own thing sometimes.

Via @ellaharg

The “Devil” reflects in their eyes.

10. Love + Trust = Dog,

Via @Soren_Ltd

Paranormal activity detectors + Sass = Cat.

It’s interesting to see how some views are just too rigid of people while others are flexible to accept both but prefer one a bit over the other than completely rejecting the idea. What do you prefer, cats or dogs? Cats have their own attitude and do their own thing. Sometimes they don’t want to be interrupted while other times, they just need all the loving for the day before they change their mind. Dogs are rather compromising, they are loyal to their core and cooperate with their fellow owners as much as they can.

11. Cats can socialize too, sometimes a bit too much.

Via @ProZD

12. Now those are facts 101, the ultimate difference between cats and dogs.

Via @clhubes

13. Blackmailig cats are a thing,

Via @KivanBay

Beware of them, plz. Keep them to do your dirty business.

14. The variety in cats is just a little limited.


15. Well cats can be a bit of an A*****e sometimes. You do you cat!

Via @MaraWilson

16. The superior intelligence can cause the house to get upside down too.

Via @PaulDock93

17. Dog people, is there any truth to that?

Via @ellle_em

18. That is true though, that’s what the debate is for.

Via @GinaValley

19. Cuz the cat got the sass.

Via @abbygov

20. The relationship can be simplistic and complicated, they get the best of both worlds.


21. There are two serial killers on high alert.

Via @imteddybless

22. They both have different attitudes towards people.

Via @anne_theriault

23. Cats are low- maintenance.

Via @luckycatjo91

I had an amazing time reading about the various facts people provided that on their end, makes one better over the other. However, what’s ironic is how the majority agrees to cats being a bit more with an attitude than dogs who are just complete sweethearts. Are you a cat person or a dog person? Let us know in the comments section below!


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